How does the air conditioner work?

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It is an animation that explains how the air conditioner works in an easy to understand.
I hope this video will help you understand how the air conditioner works.
– The basic principle of air conditioning
– Principle of compressor
– Principle of scroll compressor
– Principle of condenser
– Principle of expansion valve
– Principle of evaporator


pele srele says:

Mistake @ 2:52 refrigerant is not loosing heat in evaporator but gaining, thus evaporating

horse king gamer says:

Nice bro 🥰

S k gamers says:

Thanks you so much 😘 because this video good and information about A C


Thanks for such good video

Swee Yong says:

my blower is spinning and normally however its not blowing air continuously. its also suck in air through the blower vents. like the is a low pressure build up. can some explain why this is happening? outdoor is clean, gas topped up, filter washed and clean, condenser clean


yuvaraj surve says:

Can we use silicon tubes instead of Cooper tubing for connecting indoor unit to outdoor unit

shantanu dubey says:

I also want to learn making such animated videos. Please teach me. Can you make a channel to teach making such animated videos.please, please, please. I am keenly interested.

shakeel ahmed says:

Excellent review. Exceptional video.

aki si says:

Bro how are doing this animation. Please tell. I want to learn such animation

KNIFELIFE360 says:

I’m currently in HVAC school and I can’t thank you enough for this video

sanjay marapi says:

The best explaination 👌👌👌👍👍👍🤝🙏

solid name says:

Better than lescis

Eddie Mohamed says:

Congratulations for good explanation 👏👏👏

AppleINDeep says:

I need to look some more times. (It was my first time, it's difficult to comprehend Chinese.)

mahendra singh says:

Please translate in Hindi

Keep Looking Up says:

Sorry but not well explained

electrician channel 🅥︎ says:

English nhi aati phir bhi dekha maja aagaya

budgies parrots breeder says:

Well explanation thank you

Maxilo says:

i havent heard about Air conditoner First time hearing The word air conditoner and i born in 2007 but i dont know about air conditoner and what is it first time hearing in 2022

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