How does your AIR CONDITIONER work?

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Air conditioners give you the much needed thermal comfort during scorching summer. More specifically, air conditioners help to maintain the room temperature at optimum level. They also help in removing airborne particles and humidity from the room. Let’s find out how how these devices work.

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Lesics says:

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raspy669 says:

A simple Joule-Thompson effect explained in the most confusing process. Go back to your drawing board and get an easier to understand explanation. If you can't, let me know. I will do it for you right here.

Pavan M-043 says:

Very nice explanation

Pushpendra Yadav says:

This is what real education is.

special one says:

It is simple . Oh no thank you bro

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Thank you so much
I found AC system…
Thanks lot😍❤️

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This made my pizza cold

Leafion says:

I wish I had an aircon

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Who else turned on their Ac chilled a bit and thought to yourself, "wait, how tf does this thing work?" Lmao

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