How Much Do I Charge to Make Parts

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A complete breakdown of how much to charge for parts. Labor, markup, tax, cost…. the whole works!

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The Fabrication Series says:

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Adam Sifford says:

You have to make accurate prices like you said can't cut yourself short either.

Adam Sifford says:

Like I said what if Mack trucks needed 1500 parts?

Adam Sifford says:

At my work the engineer draws it up and sometimes figures out the price and mark up… Let me ask you this ? What if your customer wanted 1500 of the? But at my job we have cnc Lazer but each part must be painted?

H3AVY M3TALS says:

What are the best apps/software to layout all this stuff the most efficient way?

The General Consensus says:

I also have a minimum charge of $100. Under that it's simply not worth my time. This also cuts down on people trying to bring you tea strainers to fix for $5 or less. 😉 thank me later.

BOLD Let's GO! says:

Hello, great video. I would like to have 6 brackets fabricate. How can I get that started with you?

warmar republic says:

Too bad you don't have a press break.

Mike Murray says:

Ok so I'm late to the party but I have to comment on the 3 minutes you charged the customer to fix your mistake. That doesn't seem very honest to me. If I'm a customer of yours and find out you've been charging me for your screw ups I'm gonna be pissed! So what if you made a mistake in cutting and have to start over? You going to charge the customer for twice the product also?

Bernie Short says:

Thanks for the video, your price was less than I had expected to be honest. It would be nice to know how you price a job before starting it. Thanks for the video.

Adoamnei Ciprian says:

You re a very cool guy

David Rutherford says:

Here in 2022, aka FJB's inflation world, how much is the sheet now?

Jonathan Arnold says:

I would like to see how you give a quote on a job.

Lyons Cultivars says:

You have come Hella long way since I first ever watched one of your videos. Quality work, quality footage with a quality breakdown. 👌

Sculptures says:

Definitely interested in a tutorial on coming up with accurate pricing quotes.

olsparky wisenheimer says:

On jobs i have a column that says "shit i didn't think of". The number gets bigger with the job

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