How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

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You might find yourself in a situation where you need to replace your current heating system. After talking with thousands of clients, we’ve found that cost is one of the most common factors in the process. So how much does a heat pump cost?

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We’ve broken this video down to 3 categories to show you a range of price options available and the features that are included in each category.

0:00 Intro
1:18 What’s the price range for an entry-level heat pump?
2:19 What’s the price range for a mid-range heat pump?
3:33 What’s the price range for a high-end heat pump?
5:00 What are some factors that can change the cost?
5:17 Outro

In each category we will break down.

What’s the price range for a heat pump?
What are some specific models that are included in this category?
What are some of the features that are included with these heat pumps?
And finally, who’s the right fit for this type of heat pump?

So now that you know the typical cost for a heat pump, head over to our products page to see a complete list of comfort levels and efficiency ratings for each heat pump we offer in Columbus, OH.

Thank you for watching and we are looking forward to making your day better!

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donald allen says:

Well it looks like you better be pretty young to get a pay back at this cost of as good system And make sure your area will hold up. You don't want to be stuck in your home because no one will pay the extra

Gene Dandy says:

Does the cost of the heat pump include installation? What about the air handler? Is that included in the price too? The video really doesn’t explain any of this.


Thanks for making this video. I'm getting a quote on a heat pump for my home next week and this info will be very helpful. Question for you if you get it in time: Can my AC unit and the new heat pump unit both share the same ducting? I don't want to eliminate my existing AC unit. Mainly getting the heat pump for winter use. Thanks again.

acw251 says:

Is installation of a heat pump that different vs a standard central a/c system? I am planning on getting a high velocity system in my house and I asked the contractor what the cost difference would be if we went with a heat pump vs adding a plain heating element in the air handler. He stated that he wasn’t familiar at all with heat pumps.

Rockin Robin says:

Are these heat pumps only repairable by the manufacturer?

Rockin Robin says:

1300 sq ft house. I have Bryant furnace. And not sure what type of AC unit.

Robert Logan says:

I'm having a Carrier Infinity 24 Heat Pump installed in my 1600 sq. ft home for $20,000. That includes removing the old heat pump. Some duct work modification.

Mary Osilama says:

Does this system include cooling systems and does it lower monthly electricity bill?


I just had an American Standard 16 SEER TAM9 single stage heat pump & air handler installed July 2021. $10,080 with a military discount.

Mike Mike says:

Do you have your location or salesperson in Connecticut.

Joe Edwards says:

Fort Worth here. We’re dumping our 17 year HVAC (elec / gas) for a 2-stage heat pump.

Nicholas Pappas says:

My home is one level 1700sq feet in Bluffton, South Carolina. Have a/c with April Air filter.

Joseph M. says:

Do these prices include installation?

Ganesh Shenoy says:

How about American standard heat pump packaged unit for 7000 sq ft of living space on .3 levels? Also would 2 units with 3 ton better or one with 6 ton?

Ben Jones says:

What I never hear in these videos is how much wattage each heat pump takes? This to me in the long run will dictate my choice?

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