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A step by step explanation of how to use the Langmuir Crossfire Pro CNC plasma table. In this video I explain how to turn four square foot of steel worth $32 into over $300. There will be more of these videos to come, so make sure you subscribe so you can follow along. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to bid on the plasma cut YouTube button made in this video!

Email me with any questions…

Autodesk Fusion 360 Download:

-Check out for more info and pricing on all they’re products.

-Check out to learn more about Fusion 360. This is a great place to start if you are interested in any kind of CNC work.

My videos using the CNC plasma table:

Amazon affiliate links for tools used in this video:
Vice Brake:
-Milwaukee 2″ die grinder:
-Dewalt 4″ angle grinder:
-4″ cold chisel:
-Hobart 210 MVP mig welder:


specialforcesnavy says:

Wow she is Smokin! And the table is nice too. Got you on my list to buy a sign as soon as I can. Thanks!

TheStephenmonroe says:

It was better with her beep in the shot

Kaleb Marquez says:

Hello, you make very good videos, you explain everything so good and detailed 😁 for your razorweld 45 plasma where do you buy your consumables?

FE428Power says:

Question, how can I make that $ if my girlfriend isn't as "talented"? 🤣🤣🤣

JCTorres says:

Nice video, where do you sell your signs? Can you tell us some ideas on how or where to sell them because people in etsy selling these for pennies.

Michael Barber says:

Can you do a video on how you ship the signs? Or do you have any tips to ship a piece of metal 24"X24" cheaply?

Michael Barber says:

Love your videos! Any recommendations to start a CNC plasma business? Like the minimum machines I need. I'm making a shopping list (wish list) right now. So far I'm thinking (#1) Langmuir Systems Crossfire XR (#2) Razorweld 45 PAC (#3) An air compressor big enough for the PAC. That's all I have so far. Anything else you recommend immediately getting? Besides a welder and the metal lol.

Dave Brittain says:

There were plenty of videos of CNC plasma tables but I clicked on this one. Nice curves!

Rusty Young says:

in the market for a cnc plasma. been welding for 15 years looking to make small parts and signs. is this a good user friendly set up?

Custom Solutions says:

You guys are funny and informative…. I built my own but I need to figure out how to market myself…. maybe a video on that?

DS Splicer says:

Good Stuff – love you guys!

Jack Deacon says:

I've got the smaller langmuir table and it has paid itself pretty fast. It can take a little time to get your process but once you do it goes pretty good. The water table can get a little messy at times but I love it.

Spevak Designs says:

Keep your eyes out for used compressors. I picked my 40gal 4hp US made Speedaire up for $250. Changed the oil & air filter, then added a drain valve assembly to make that easier and it's been chugging along every since.

MindofBrad says:

Thank you for the CF pro videos.. Hard to find any videos of people using them.. Quite funny, I just finished cutting a 24" IBEW logo for a customer this week.. A bit different designed fist than yours.. Going to do a laser engrave on the outer ring instead of cut outs..

Roger Rettinger says:

You pay to much for your steel.

Taylor M says:

You just earned another sub. I’m about to order the same table and will be using your code for sure. Hoping to make a living off it! Thanks

Jaren Nelson says:

I wouldn't run a plasma torch in a bikini I'll tell you that right now

Kelly says:

Great video!! Quick question, do you ever have trouble with FireControl freezing up mid cut? We've seemed to have a lot of trouble with that lately.

Buzz Jones says:

Thanks again for the Work light Brackets ya gave me Brotha…

Jupiter Mojo says:

Good overview! Had my wife watch this one and think I've sold her on starting this as a side hustle once our house build is done. Do you think you'll eventually set up a paint spray booth or stick with the rattle cans? 🍺🍺🍺

Jack In The Shop says:

Great video. How much was shipping on that sign?

Heath Carman says:

Left click the sketch to highlight then right click to select extrude is another way too.

Chad Buchanan says:

Slap her titty again…
Your Chanel is awesome. Been looking into purchasing a table

Xavier Hetu says:

love the yee yee sign in the back

Jobin says:

Will we don't wanna see that. We want to see is talking on background and more action please rewatch your video and you will understand.. Think from a viewer perspective

One Eye Customs says:

Kyle, I had to put this on full screen of my iPad Pro and still didn’t hear a word you said. The music was great though! You were right, I did like this one! Nip slip😂😂

teneha glendening says:

Thanks for the insight

spraggerm says:

Keystone girl drinking keystones now 🤔. Thanks for the great video can't wait to see what's next. Cheers Kyle & Keystone girl

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