How My Desktop CNC Made Over $500,000 in 2 Years

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My Desktop CNC made over $500,000 in 2 years while I was in college. Ryan goes over what product he made and sold on the CNC router that made him so much money as a CNC beginner. He goes over what strategies and questions he asked to figure out what product he should sell to help pay his way through college.

My Favorite CNC Router Bit –

1/4” Upcut Endmill –
Amazon US:

1/8” Downcut Endmill –
Amazon US:

V-Bit / Engraving Bit –
Amazon US:

1/4” Ballnose –
Amazon US:

Flycut / Surfacing Bit –
Amazon US:

My Favorite Wood Filler / Crack Repair –

About Cuttin It Close:

Founded in 2020 Cuttin It Close is the educational platform of Drapela Works we look to provide value and insight on various wood-related projects and techniques. Through training videos, CNC router techniques, unique projects, and practical applications, we hope to share our knowledge in the woodworking field and CNC routering.

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Tony Gombas says:

You’re an impressive man congratulations on your achievements

Kamis says:

Us market is so easy …

E. Ramirez says:

Your video really made me want to give this a try making some custom wood items, but when I looked up the price of that Laguna IQ CNC next to you ($14,000) I'll have to wait a while on that.

Arthur Stone says:

Great story. Thanks. Best 😀

Eugene Weekes says:

What a load of BS

La Porta D says:

Lol reversing that isn't trying to charge more buddy. That isn't how this works. Reversing that would be asking yourself "What are products and services that my machine can use and fill for local and then national customers that I can attract w/ a website etc?" THAT is how that works.

Jessie Gomez says:

lol you weren’t the first person making docking stations 😂

Francis G says:

That's great it was 2015, not 2022… bring it back, son. Today that shit doesn't work in fact every tom, dick, and harry has a CNC machine today, and it's over-saturated. I'm so tired of seeing these videos over and over again. The common denominator is "The Year"! Everyone who got on Etsy before 2019 killed it and most likely still are because there was barely any competition at that time so you owned the market. Today it's so hard to even make a buck because way too many people doing it. And what's even worse is even if you came out with an absolute killer product tomorrow it will be knocked off buy someone else and that's the saddest part about Etsy. Everything gets knocked off and you are out of business again!!

Older Olderman says:

did you merry your 👧 friend.

Edmar Carolino says:

This is total BS

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