How people think CNC machines work

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MRCNC1967 says:

The problem starts when managers visit trade shows. They see parts cut in plastic, brass, maybe 12L14 at most, with chips flying everywhere and a minute later a "part" is pulled off the vise or chuck, then they go back to their shops and want the same throughput from their equipment, or want to buy parts at silly low prices from their vendors "because it only takes a couple minutes per part"…yeah

Milaan Patel says:

Thats exactly how my family thinks what i do

Fievel Mousekewitz says:

How long will it take to machine my small-run complex part?

Imagine the amount of time you'd think it would take if I was dragging-ass, double that, and add 30%.

JackKnifeAlpha says:

That's not actually how it works. You added metal filings to unnecessarily blow it off. How they ACTUALLY work is your part comes out flawless with 000000000000 filings. In fact, they come out with sanded edges. Such fake news….


Charlie T says:

Ppphht…my cnc machine pushes it's own start button. Time for an upgrade.

Wil Bane says:

This is the world Gene Haas wants

Fluffyx15 says:

Dude, just… do the thing with the thing.. It's not that hard

Me in Fusion360: sweating intensifies

Adam Orick says:

I mean it kind of is. You just have to press the right series of buttons, put it in, and start.

EliteDavid Horne says:

I used to load CNC programs that were printed on a roll of paper with holes punched out. I'm not even that old (46)!

YuureiInu says:

CNCs stopped in the 80s for far too long, same with most robots.

branak belledar says:

Wait a second…. they don't work like this? 😱

ffatheranderson says:


Эдуард Минебаев says:

Dmu 80 – Best.

Redmi 5plus says:


sjhall2009 says:

Is that not how they work?

NAME_HERE000 says:

Wow…CnC machines have progressed really far while I was gone…

Rick Mortyson says:

As someone who worked on those machines. Yep. That's how they work. You measure. You Programm. You set up the machine. Machine works. Done.

Mouldy Soul says:

Amateur everyone knows that's a reverse 7 axis lathe

Reinbeers says:

3D printing is simpler to understand, at least

Jonathan Kayne says:

Did that machine just literally flex at us?

Sorrelhas says:

so how does it work
and while we're on that subject, wtf is a cnc machine

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