How To Bend Sheet Metal Without A Brake

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How To Bend Sheet Metal Without A Brake:
How To Bend Sheet Metal Without A Brake in 4 different methods with minimal or homemade tools.

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This video for entertainment purposes only. If you use information shown in this video or attempt to repeat anything in part or whole, you do so at your own risk. Remember your safety is your responsibility.

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58gennaro says:

I need to bend 36 in long material. Not sure this will work.

Tim O’Brien says:

Very clear and helpful

Royal Reigel says:

I shall use this to make my bike plow idea

John Smith says:

This metal you're bending is extremely thin.
I'm looking into ways to bend 16 gauge steel sheet metal.
I recommend doing a quick search on YouTube for "How To Bend Sheet Metal Without A Sheet Metal Brake".

Paul Gupta says:

This is exactly what I needed

Virgilio Gonzalez says:

Great! I needed this video. I'm making a compost bin with thin sheet metal. THANK YOU!

Linnie Huffman says:

Let's see u bend a 6 ft sheet, cause most bends a longer than 6 inches

Chungchi Chiu says:

You are very good. Thanks

Ken Haworth says:

Great video

Pi Mc says:

this is a perfect video from a pedagogical standpoint

Kevin Mullins says:

With the score and bend method do you score the inside of the bend or the outside?

Metalvain says:

Useful for a piece of rolled flashed I needed to bend, thank you!

The Adventures of Prince Diamond says:

Here is a technique I used successfully to bend a piece of sheet metal which was about half a metre in length: place the sheet into an open door between the hinges. Close the door carefully so the line you marked is along the base of the door stop. The result is a beautifully straight, even, 90 degree bend. Further bending to 180 degrees was done by placing the metal on a table, and using a hammer. The hammer blows were spread out using a large book. Little bit by little bit the bend went from 90 to 180 degrees. When the metal was completely folded I used the book and light hammer blows to flatten the bend to a small radius. All in all, I was very pleased with the result.

Arco Maynes says:

So what method would you recommend for 16G sheet metal?

Kanada da Yaşamak says:

year 2022 not 10000bc hope you understand what i mean

Don K. Johnson says:

Hello, I have a question about getting a bend out of metal part. I have a wind vent for a 1967 VW Bug, and the vertical shaft, where the doors glass goes up into, is slightly bend inwards.
I've tried placing it on a hard flat surface and hitting it with a rubber hammer. But that doesn't change anything.
I don't want to hit it too hard, I don't want to break any welds at the corners, if there are any.
I have photos but can't post them on this site. I have a heat gun and a few tools to work with.
Got any ideas?


Can you bend steel sheet metal like that? Or only aluminum?

Melaine Kerfaou says:

Thanks. Exactly what I needed for a potting bench.

David Rust says:

Very helpful, I was able to make a heat shield out of 1/16” anodized aluminum, which included four bends. I used a hard rubber hammer to get sharp right angle bends.

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