How to Convert Metal Sheet into a Drum with Wonderful Skills

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How to Convert Metal Sheet into a Drum with Wonderful Skills


صلاح الدين عبدالسلام الجرادي says:

وكيفيه صناعه الآله التي بتعمل حرف في الصاج

Metal supplier says:

exportamos dibobina de metales a todo el mundo, acep inoxidable, aluminio ,al carbono….

k.Rajendra prasad says:

Mobile no plz

Prakash Dongare says:

What is the name of small machine?

k.Rajendra prasad says:

Plz contect no

Robin Paul says:

Factory kothay atar

Dharmendra Dave says:

I need contact no

Indian Respect says:

What is machine name

Shyamal Das says:

Very nice apka factory kaha por hai

Manoj K Gupta says:

I want this machine how i get please , or machine name

Dula Johnstone says:

Shame those fingers met a lot of bashing in its lifetime…such hard working people.

Kp singh Singh says:

Es tanke ke kemat batay

Jorge Leonardo Torres Gutierrez says:

Cómo se llama la máquina que hace el reborde? Gracias

venkat muthu says:

I wanted this machine how to get please help me bro

venkat muthu says:

Phone number please then which please contrey

Sheet Metal Shop Guy says:

This is amazing stuff

Md Chotu .. furniture shop says:

Ye durm walla machine kaha melega bhai batao

John G says:

Thanks in a million. Great content. Awesome. Grade: A++💥

Deshraj Singh says:

यह मशीन कितने में मिलते हैं सर क्या इसकी तुम होम डिलीवरी भी करते हो अपना नंबर दीजिए हम बात करेंगे

steinderbush says:

Each time i see a video like this, i am more amazed about the skils of these guys Awesome!!

Mohammad Monaaz says:

Need this machine any contact for India

Saddam Valog says:

Aslamu walikum bhai ye masin kaha mela ga Please reply de na

Bhola nath Mahto says:

ye masin kaha milega

Ramon vasquez says:

Magnífico trabajo 👏 👍

Frustrated Baboon says:

What the mass fails to recognize is that these poor people have no machinery to produce a higher quality and quantity for export. No body would buy these items because the tolerance of quality is lacking and aesthetics.

Slashley gibbins says:

6:57 oops!

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