How to DESIGN and ANALYSE a refrigeration system

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In this video we take a look at how to design and analyse a HVAC refrigeration. The same method can be applied to a refrigeration, AC or chiller system. We take a look at the properties of refrigerant around the ideal vapour compression cycle. We look at the entropy, enthalpy, pressure and temperature. P1 P2 P3 P4 T1 T2 T3 T4 H1 H2 H3 H4 S1 S2 S3 S4.


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The Engineering Mindset says:

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Rucat Mervin says:

Where did you get that 50.9 temp..? Pls explaine

MikroBilgi says:

Hello, I want to make 3kw and 3.5 kw evaporators and condensers, but I can't find the formulas. Can you help me please.

MikeN says:

Love this channel and love Paul. Watched several videos on this channel on various topics and learned so much. Starting this series, however, I can't help but notice the way he pronounces the letter "h". It sounds like he's saying "Heych-VAC". So weird, haha.

Jason Hewitt says:

Do you have any videos on capillary tube systems

swarup gulalkari says:

Please make se video on R290 as propane. As it has no superheated vapour how to solve it.please help.

Mees Reemst says:

If i know how much cooling capacity i need. How do i start this calculation process? Thanks

blackburn michelson says:

hi fried very good explanation. can you calculate comperessor electrical power?

Johnny Jr says:

Can someone help me out with entropy ? What is it and what does it mean when it’s increasing and decreasing in the refrigerant cycle.

Ghostrider GR says:

i have one dryer air..
works 3 to 40 c temp
i change filter and capillary tube but i haft to resize it…
so now i have
-7.5c entry to evaporator and exit 2.5c
after to the accumulator i have – 3.5 and entry to compressor 9c is that normal…. how much must be the Δτ to the evaporator? and with the temp room so the dryer ro works good??

Rucat Mervin says:

You say 7 kg/S but you put 3kg/S which is correct? Pls reply

kamal gautam says:

If we have a cooling load then how do we start the design of the Refrigerator? Also, how to fix the evaporator pressure if we are designing a system to cool at around -70 to -80 degrees celcius?

Thank You!!

live in peace says:

How to know the amount of mass m

Nkeng OJONG says:

sir is the 3kg/s the mass flow rate at condenser or the mas flow rate at evapotator

Nkeng OJONG says:

great video thank you very much.
but please sir ,how did you calculate the mass flow rate.

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