How To Diagnose A BAD Compressor | HVAC Troubleshooting

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This customer called complaining their upstairs Trane heat pump split system is not cooling properly. In this video I show my troubleshooting process from start to finish and how I diagnosed the system to have a faulty compressor. Hope you enjoy the video!!

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Eddy says:

Good troubleshooting and diagnosis … Thx for helping the new tech's out …

David Hernandez says:

Nice work !!! Good videos very organized and thorough as usual . Keep up the good work !

Art Gonzalo says:

What I learned is that compressor just don’t die, they get murdered. What are the common causes that murders a compressor?

Jerry Jones says:

I am a new tech in The Bahamas and I am very impressed and inspired by your standard of work and depth of knowledge…I hope to communicate more direct with you…continue the awesome work!!

joseluigy123 says:

Happy National HVACTECH Day 👍🏽🫡 love you work bro

三木一火 says:

Would be nice if you did close-up shots when you do the testing.

85 Boston says:

Run capacitor is never under warranty here in Massachusetts but I agree always change it out. Good technician he knows his stuff

Richard Kile says:

So I know how to check and see if the compressor is grounded but when you first checked and realized the fan or compressor was grounded where were you placing the meter leads?

Nick Daggitt says:

before i finish this video i need to comment, im not here to critique his methods. im only here to get a laugh maybe.

edit: i laughed when he yeeted the breaker panel cover. actually impressed he went a-b properly with diagnosing and he still reassembled a dead system how he found it.

Keith A says:

hes correct about replacing all those parts but i would have replaced fan motor,charge,condensor,and condensor cage with a new unit…lol Trane sucks too much shit to go wrong and to hard to deal with that company!!!

Jaime Cortez says:

What model fieldpiece meter is that?

onenikkione says:

Looking forward to the follow up

Raul Melgar says:

I really like your troubleshooting procedure. Keep making more videos of it.

Khuong Nguyen says:

Trane quality doesn't exist anymore, Thanks for the video, i know which system i won't pick for my next purchase. LOL..Many customers complaints and class action lawsuit has been filed. Trane are trash now!

Duey_didit says:

Great vid have you noticed an increase in Rheem reversing valves leaking alot in the the past year

Aaron Wang says:

Hey that trane. The old orange compressor some times wait out a day and adding hardstart works

Raul Hernandez says:

You're badass

Kyle W says:

I have 2 of those units, 3 years old. Not happy with the issues I am having so far.

KEVIN LI says:

This Trane condenser has the wrong design of circuit board, the start CAP can help the compressor to start, but also the high amps make the compressor die quickly.

AustinAirCo says:

You could have expanded this topic more. Like video of the equipment tag, how old the unit is. The fact that there are no rotolocks on this compressor. What is the brand of the compressor? Is it made in China? I realize exposing the gimmick that Trane is these days is dangerous so you don't necessarily need to say anything just show it. Personally I am tired of people getting duped by a flashy brand name that is often times worse than something less flashy. Then they don't even have the part in stock to fix it with? Trane derailment, sad.

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