How to Easy Welder​ and Fast with Modern Welding Equipment Part 955

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Dustin Warner says:

The title of this video alone cracks me up!

David Mcmillion says:

Learn how to weld other then tack welding 😂

Danna Ruiz says:

De la máquina

Ajay says:

life is good when stars are falling around

G G says:

Definitely asian. Asian men love having long thumb nails for some reason

ChanMan405 says:

If it works..

ayan khan says:

No send mobali

Ali Rezaei says:

How could we find the info about this machine!?
Any link or information

Dirtkicker 92 says:

Would you just do it the proper way plz 😐

Sayed Omid Hussaini says:

Wie viel ml ist Edelstahl?

SpeedBuggy says:

Cut your finger nails 💅

Nathon Cantu says:

Can you say “hairline fracture?”

kokomo joe says:

What kind of machine was this

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