How To: Fabricate A Plenum Box With BASIC Hand Tools | HVAC Ductwork

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Sheetmetal fabrication is a necessary skill in the HVAC trade. In this video I show how I custom fabricate a sheetmetal supply plenum for a Goodman air handler with basic hand tools (I’m using Malco tools). There are several ways to go about this process, this is just one way. A pro tip is using a window screen roller tool to create the cross brakes in each side of the plenum box. Hope you enjoy the video, LEST’S DO SOME WORK!!

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Michael Byron says:

Excellent presentation and demonstration. I always wondered how you could form those cross breaks by hand. Thanks for the tip. I learned something new today.

NateD says:

Really helpful, thanks!

HvacWilly603 says:

So I’m adding a cased coil for a furnace (my first time) The cased coil has a width of 17 1/2 and a depth of 21 1/2. Am I cutting the plenum the exact size with those notches you made? Why do I see in some videos people increase the size by a 1/8 of an inch or more in some cases ?

flaco jacobo says:

Thank you for the time that you take to make this video you are a…….. beast 💪👍

Naser Esau Rosales says:

Thank you so much for your help!!

Bruce Lean says:

i do new construction and we have a shop guy who builds all of our plenums, transitions, mixing boxes etc but it’s still nice to learn so one day when i’m out on my own i’ll be good to go lol

Henry Ziemer says:

Great video! Thanks

Mike & Erin says:

These types of videos are the best ones. Teaching folks how to put things together and build ductwork at home. Keep up the great content.

Shawn Robeck says:

Awesome video, but the “s-lock” is in the shape of a Z, not an S. Just saying….😵

aguirre david says:

Great Video! i would like to see what kind of insulation you would apply? Also, would you apply insulation on the inside or outside of the plenum?

MHVACR_ says:

Appreciate the video. Good work 💯

Lory Cole says:

Nice. I appreciate the fabrication guys I use occasionately ever more highly. And,…, I am going to follow your lead and build one for fun. Tahnks.

J Apples says:

All in good fun but laughed my a$$ off at the shirt. Everything is tactical these days. What’s next, sewing and crocheting tactical? Good video.

Ashby Wilson says:

You wrapping the outside to insulate right ? Jw

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