How to Get CHEAP Welding Equipment | AUCTION TIME!! |

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Ride along with Dad and me and watch how I get welding equipment cheaper than anywhere else! I’ve been frequenting these auctions for years now, and my dad showed me the ropes of hunting a deal. It’s easy to get caught in the hype and lose a bunch of money. But there are some basic rules to this game that can make you a bunch of money or save you a ton when buying what you need! A welding and fabrication business can be a expensive endeavor to start, especially of your a mobile repair welder. I hope this helps you find your dream truck like I found mine!!

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VegaTx 21 says:

Nice ur ur dad smart man blessed

stacy says:

Good working mans channel nice to see the hustle ..and I gotta ask wtf happened to ya lip,,,dude it's looks painful as all get

MonadKing says:

Where was this auction?

02lb72500HD says:

thats a badass truck man! im looking for a 4500-6500 myself but they're made of gold apparently lol

James says:

Does anyone know if he wants to be a mechanic or not? Not quite sure.

C&C Equipment says:

Cool video
I shot a couple videos and bought some crap at that auction
I was all over that service truck also
I was concerned about the top speed since it wasn’t an overdrive trans but a cool truck

Graham Munn says:

Your a welder that's funny

Zachary Burkett says:

If your not a mechanic then no you can’t do anything you want with this truck. Your dumb if you hate mechanicing.

handdancin says:

fuck me that is a big ass auction

Sam Fick says:

My boss had one of those trucks for hauling wood. It was a fucking beast amazing truck would do anything we threw at it. Wasn’t a 4×4 and it never got stuck can’t believe it see that thing getting stuck! It’s not a 5.9 it’s bigger but awsome video man you inspired me to start my own mobile business. Turned my 97 f350 into one a mobile rig and got myself a Lincoln weld and power and loving do my own stuff one day I’ll get a truck like that! Have a good one man

Justin Fong says:

i think the color's alright. like an army truck in the desert

Izzy millar says:

Beutiful truck bro wow very nice👌

Dustin Hoberek says:

Hey I have a few questions miller or Lincoln and what would you recommend for burnt fingers

CRANE says:

Great Father Never Met Mines. 😇☯️🙏

CRANE says:

What Happened To Your Lip

Pitts321 says:

Can’t speak a complete sentence without dropping the “F” bomb! 8th grade education

Greg Avila says:

Get your CDL Dawg!!!

C.M. Kennedy industrial services says:

Congrats on your new rig, hope it makes ya some money!

Chris Miller says:

How much did you pay for it

Uwe Sb says:

Your father is awesome and he got better shades than yours! :))

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