How To Inspect Welding Machine | Inspection of Welding Machine | HSE STUDY GUIDE

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This video is about How To Inspect Welding Machine | Inspection of Welding Machine | HSE STUDY GUIDE


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I only used bits and pieces from various sources for getting point across where necessary. the sole purpose of this video is to inspire & empower the viewers.

Note : This video is for educational purpose only.




shiraj shaikh says:

Make video on observations

Yusuf Mahtab says:

Mai ek welding machine ke check list me "AC side jb is in good condition' iska matlab kya h

Laiq Zuman says:

Dear sir I am really got more information and knowledge from your videos my Allah give you with good health.

jagath kumara says:

Excellent .

satheek sabras says:

Sir no need tpc certificate for welding machine ?

Anayat Shah says:

Brother NEBOSH Level 6 kai baray may aik vedio bnao plz

Technical Emtiyaz says:

Very good sir

fly with market says:

Sir plz can u say me in 220 welding machine body earthing is required or not..and if not required then why?

Javeed Ajrekar says:

Thanks sir par jo ap images dikha rahe ho itne chhote q dikha rahe ho.
Point to point samjhne me bahot aasni hoti agar image's clear aur bade hote.
Par dil se thanks sir

Azadar abbas says:

Thanks, sir

Alam Raju says:

Thank you🌹🌹🌹

Alam Raju says:

Good information

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