How to Install a DIY Mini Split Air Conditioning and Heat Unit. MR COOL 24K Split Unit

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This video shows how I installed my Mr. Cool Mini Split unit to get air conditioning and heat into my shop. The best part about this split unit is that its DIY friendly and anyone can install. My workshop, which is also my garage is 750 sqft, and this 24K split unit cools the space in no time and keeps the temperature at comfortable levels with ease. It is also a smart unit which means I can control everything from temperature, humidity and even schedules from my phone. Hope you guys enjoy this installation video, and if you have any questions for me feel free to put them in the comments section below.

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pearl konesky says:

Superior job. You explained things perfectly. I loved the ladder trick !

Edwin De Paz says:

Not very DIY if one of the steps is "call an electrician"

Nawaz Sherriff says:

👏👏👏👏👏👏 i really appreciate you excellent job man

estonocify says:

I did have a question about the refrigerant lines. I am trying to cover the first floor of my house. In order to do so, I want to buy a 2 head unit system. The catch. I need to route 1 of the sets of lines around a chimney. Will these lines flex enough, and maintain integrity, if I have multiple 90° turns?

Ed Vaioli says:

Great job and great video! Have your dad check local code. My local code requires a convenience receptacle within 10 feet of the a/c unit.

Cappuccino - says:

For the most part it looks easy, but don’t you need to pull a vacuum on the loop to get all the air out?

Scott Grill says:

Just curious. Is the 24K unit not overkill for your 750 sq ft garage? According to the Mr. Cool website, it is rated for 1500 sq ft. Curious because I'm getting ready to purchase one for my ~750 sq ft finished basement and deciding between this and the 18K unit, which is rated for 1000 sq ft.

Daniel says:

Good thing you didn't fall on top of that one inch bid.

Mike-ology says:

Hi mate, thanks for sharing. Although I did see you blow the face of the brick off when drilling a pilot hole. I would usually measure the wall and stop hammering about an inch short of the other side. Then use normal drilling for the last bit. 😉

John Braun says:

What was the specs on the disconnect that you purchased and installed ?

Maker817 says:

Ah man I really hope your alright after they fall man especially since you where doing it to show us how this install went, props to you for taking ur time to help us but I really hope your ended up alright and bounced right back up with no injuries

Geovanni Henriquez says:

Man I love that you left the fall. Been there done that. It’s a reminder..glad you are good and your AC is up an running.😂😂

333dav3eee says:

Just lean the ladder against the wall next time…also, this isn’t really DIY because of the electrical stuff

JR says:

ouch… are you ok?

Steven Ghee says:

I was working with an old timer (very experienced guy, jack of all trades) putting up siding and immediately after lecturing me on how to properly stand on & use a ladder, he leaned to far sideways on a 6ft step ladder, leaned up against the house, kicked out sideways and fell and broke both bones in his forearm. I myself had a very near miss on a 4ft cheap alum. step ladder (like the one in this video) leaned up against the vanity in my bathroom. While changing a light bulb it slid out and very nearly bashed my face on the countertop and/or mirror. Getting in a hurry and complacent/ overconfident WILL catch up with you. Those aluminum ladders suck! Glad to see you didnt get seriously hurt. Anyways, great video, great work, thanks for the insight. I cant wait til my DIY mini shows up! Thumbs up!

Inviertete says:

Great video and very nice work. The only thing that I would recommend as an hvac technician to anyone doing this job is to get a vacuum pump and vacuum the system before opening the lines and allow refrigerant flow. It is highly recommended to remove moisture from system because that could potentially create problems in the future especially with compressor! Other than that great video 👍

K O says:

I like the split concept except need to pull 220VAC to them.

George Yao says:

Your installation video missed the main step of vacuuming the refrigerant lines otherwise the compressor will be destroyed.

Vitaly Galdobin says:

I noticed that air from pipes wasnt removed. How is performance??

Harvey Brimer says:

Great job, thanks for sharing!!

Trimericbark 27 says:

Did you use a 30 amp switch/breaker ??

Mike S says:

Did the line set gaurd come with your or did you order it separately?

Beto Gonzalez says:

I love that you owned up to your mistake and didn't edit it out. That is awesome! Great video!

Lakysha Williamson says:

I hope you didn't hurt yourself to bad! That fall left me horrified! Thank you for doing the video. It's given me a lot of confidence. I will try my next mini split install and then call my electrician!

Hermie says:

Thank you, great video.

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