How to Laser Engrave Anything with the xTool D1 Laser Cutter/Engraver

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Learn how to laser engrave with the Makeblock xTool Laser cutter & engraver.

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Power/Speed test for Laserbox on the D1:

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Chace says:

Can you use these machines on a 4×4 piece of wood?

Luca Dario Bützberger says:

What is the difference between the default blue laser and the xTool 21064nm infra red laser? They quote that the infra red laser is used to engrave metals and similar materials. But you can do that with the blue one too. Does it just work a lot better?

Monztuh Angel says:

Wouldn't it be better to lower your speed and lower your power usage? The faster it moves the less time it has to engrave the hit area.

automaticdestroyer says:

I can’t connect my device to the wifi

Surge V says:

Your right! I'm buying one for sure now!!!! ha. Great video.

Albert Hernandez says:

Great video, thank you!
Would you happen to know if there is a setting for the framing speed in either the Laserbox software, or in Creative Space? My wife's Xtool D1 10w works great, but the framing is so fast, it's hard to tell where exactly the edges will be. In your video, the framing process was much slower than ours is. We have the latest firmware, and the latest software updates.

Thank you!

Hoang Lequang says:

TY for the video. Your video is professionally done and you are very articulate and make it fun to watch. Keep up the great work. Big Fan.

Karon Kingery says:

Can you use it on a deer skull

lObOtrOnZ says:

Paint & paint thinner in the sink??… Great!

Elias Galvan says:

Hello! It seems this software is no longer available? When I go to download, it gives me xTool Creative Space software. The site says Laserbox software isnt for the xTool D1.

I am having some trouble connecting the new machine via usb to laptop on the xTool Creative Space software. It just wont recognize it even after I install the CH driver and restart pc and laser. I wanted to try the software you show but cant find it. Do you know where I can find the install for it?

anonymous says:

Can I just buy one of your laser engraver?..

Longer 3D says:

Friend,I really appreciate your work. We are looking for reviewers, would you like to review Longer's laser engraver RAY5 10W?

Agustin says:


Confessor Rios says:

What button I need to press to cut

karate kaninen says:

It's a cool gadget and I wouldnt mind it but its things like this that takes out the soul of working with wood – I like when things aren't 100% prefet, when things arent looking the same, when someone put a lot of work and love in it

Thunder says:

Does the orange gaurd act as an eye protection?

Dayna Macel says:

will this engrave acrylic and or cut acrylic?

Marlene Little says:

Do you know if you can engrave a flash drive with the stool D1?

jspan323 says:

Awesome video. Straight forward and very informative.

michael monteforte says:

I am struggling to learn lightburn maybe I should try laserbox instead. One problem I am having is I think because there are to limit switches on the d1 it seems to slam into the outer edges and makes a awful noise when that happens. My question is how do I stop that from happening. Appreciate your encouraging video

astedino says:

Hi, are you using the lightburn or the program that follows with xtool?

KJ says:

Can you use this on tempered glass?

JMoney says:

This was great man! What were the settings you honed in to get the Ray Liotta image??

Dan Currier says:

How does it know to etch versus cut right through material? Is that based on speed?

Justa Youtuber says:

Disney is going to get you for making unlicensed Mandalorian products. They want their 20% of the sale price.

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