How To Make 230V Water Welding Machine Salt Water Welding Machine New Experiment

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How To Make 230V Water Welding Machine Salt Water Welding Machine New Experiment
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Mehdi Azizi says:

سلام لطفا به فارسی ترجمه شود

Manuel Hernandez says:

Un favor el que hace de maza entra al balde obadirecto donde va hacer la maza gracias

Paul Ngarua says:

I tried this and it failed is this for real ?

Md Boss says:

ki. Drne pani. Bebhar. Krlen

kaleena channel says:

you never mention that what are the liquid pour that bucket how we know with out telling or appearing…🤔🤔🤔

Sammy D says:

You would have to be fuckin hard up to resort to this shit😂😂😂

Easy Secrets Of Enjoying Life says:

Can you use it without golf after you finish

nasilele mufalali says:

Wow amazing

Lam khiam says:

I think only salt water can't work 😂 I'm sure you have completed the other wire in some where . If not then sorry

Bryan Rotchell says:

What's the power supply in order for it to work, you didn't show that

Abayomi Paul says:

The Black wire is not fully visible to the eye while welding was going on

Abayomi Paul says:

Pure lie ,the black wire is not fully visible

barbie barbie says:

🤣🤣🤣G R E A T device,suitable for Darvin PRICE!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍

Okeowo Emmanuel says:

Wow, great courage thanks sir, sir is it ordinary water and salt?

Jhon erlangga says:

Apa bahannya bos..atau serbuk campuranya

Ernesto Branzuela Jr. says:

It might ght be connected into 230v outlet then the water with salt is only conductor for ground.

Ernesto Branzuela Jr. says:

Show the other end of your wire so that it is clear.

Sumon ফুলের বাগান says:

ভাই কি কি জিনিস মি চাইছেন সেটা একটু জানাবেন

Wardjo Wardjo says:

Wow Makasih atas tutorialnya bagus terus berkarya smoga sukses.

José Ángel Sanchez says:

Mgusta ese proyecto

فكرى الفساخ says:

Greeting from Cairo – Egypt . Wonderful .

Pankaj Kumar says:

Balti ke andar kya kya dale hai

Zai Kished says:

Is not possible

Angry Ram says:

मेन से कब जुड़े?

Mohammad Javad Ghandi says:

واقعا جای تمجید دارد

Mohammad Javad Ghandi says:

سلام آیا آب اسید درزمان کار کم می شود ویا بحالت خود باقی می ماند


Is that water sir

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