How to make custom patch panels with ease.

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Repairing patch panels that were poorly installed


Gary Courtney says:

Thanks Fitzee. You not only help by sharing your knowledge so effectively but you also remind my Canuck Woman here in the UK of home 🙂

findvoltage says:

i had a mate 30 years ago (panel beater) laughed at me when i suggested welding repairs! what an ego.

Big88Country says:

My man Fitzee makes it seem way too simple and easy, but it isn't! It takes years to figure out the process of what to do first, middle, and last to make the job easier, and good!

Mark D says:

Great video. What kind of welder is that?

Pnuematics H C says:

Good work Fitzee!!!! I remember back in the day's on youtube you used to be able to message another youtuber from their channel I wish it was still an option because contacting people for work opportunities was way greater, anyways I'd like to have a word with you mate.

Doug Reed says:

Excellence 🍻🍻👍💪

8Sinc8 says:

From a Canuck on the other side of the country, just a thanks for posting your content. I've started a restoration with some panels required and I've used your approach and tips with good results so far. It's been a big help. Cheers

Wolfgang de Letter says:

Awesome…good WORK…thank`s…spezial regards from Germany

Jake Owens says:

Feel like ive got a bit of Irish in me now

Bryan Gasca says:

Anybody else here trying to bring a classic back to life?

Joey Rangel says:

Why not use cardboard to make a shape cut less metal

Colleen OLoughlin says:

Do you prepare the metal in any way to prevent corrosion on the inside of the piece you made before welding it in place?

David Spin says:

Guards are for sissy's, learn how use a cut off wheel…

Jeremy R says:

I did it on 2 different cars now. Looks like new cant tell. All thanks to you 100% 👍👍

Dan's Learning Curve says:

New subscriber. Great video. I have a car that needs this work done. 1958 Plymouth Wagon. Here's a short video of it running and some history on it.

Marcus Lindblom says:

what dialect is that?

Daniel Brewer says:

No disappointment watching your channel. Looked like an old 280 z . Like to know what make your working on . . I feel like a better body guy after watching you. Thanks

Specialized 29er says:

Love the no faqing around channel, we too been using this method to form panel edges. Quick n easy and plenty good enough for our rat rods.

Sudalai Mani says:

Beautiful job bro

Leonard Gilbreath says:

You're fabricating of panels is awesome can't say enough about them always looking forward to your next video thumbs 👍

djjonnybong says:

Artist. Thank you muchly

Inglés-paso por paso says:

Awesome ..what a imagination u.. Your mind is ur best tool. And a a good teacher of course..

Michael Vandenhoy says:

Another great teaching video, I bet I watched this video 5 times but I just forgot to comment. Yes I enjoyed this video.

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