How to Make Welding Machine

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How to Make Welding Machine
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معلومات هامه في علم النفس says:

الله ينور عليك

Team Drummond says:

No math; no calculations; no fancy equipment. Just good old practical ingenuity. Think of it. Excellent video!!!!


Where do u live?

Emanuele Tolomeo says:

I've have so much respect for this craftsman

Abdur Rauf Abbasi says:

Aap it I achi video bnaty ho Lakin hum logo ko koi Pata nai kor nomber Kia hy kitny turn diay kon primary coil hy aur kon se secondary ho to phir Kia faida

Simão Ventura says:

Is it AC welder or DC welder?

Sekandar Ali says:

Bahut ghatia video . Core size , wire kitna Number.Turn kuch nahi bataya, eisa ghatia kims ka bideo mat dalo

Liofa says:

Most western kids can barely wipe their own arse at that age. This kid is helping his Dad in his business.

mughal G says:

Adras bta de muja ye chaye

peter frazier says:

What can you say, except that this is brilliant work from skilled people. These men will survive when the Western World has used up all its resources.

Roberto Trombetti says:

Con un accrocco simile avrei paura a lavorarci pure… da spento! Tutto cartone, tela e legno… se si riscalda un po' sai che falò ? Ma un minimo di norme di sicurezza non esistono in questi paesi???

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