how to make welding machines out of scrap

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how to make welding machines out of scrap
This is a collection of good ideas for making scrap welding machines. Now you can watch it at the same time.
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Nice Creation says:

Tell me what you are thinking

Tusiman Imam says:


林奇峰 says:

?? Not not,,,,,,,,

I Putu Bujana says:

Apakan ini dari barang bekas menjadi barang bermanpaat.?

Non Nguyen says:

thong minh sang tao

Sam Krab says:


rey 777 says:

lo que mas me cago de risa es cuando min.17:05 muestra la placa con todas las soldaduras y despues esa misma placa la une al transformador min. 17:18 imaginense la locura esta. cuando une la placa con el transformador sin algo que lo aislara jajajaja….

Сергей А says:

Пока институты всего мира ломают головы как сделать сварочное меньше, мощнее, надёжнее, и дешевле, фокусник без образования все оказывается решил.

Rebi Mary says:

வெரி வெரி சூப்பர் மேன்

Dương Ngọc sang says:

Bo mach lay tu đâu ra vay

exe ssd says:

wronging ! ? electrical induction motor not out voltage – in oven transformer voltage.
oven transformer high voltage in pc supply.
pc supply not support short circuit, welding.

normdoty says:

the first one is a real possibility but all the rest not so much, imho.. i can't see how that power supply circuit board can put out enough current to arc weld with those stick electrodes and the worst offender being the microwave oven transformer and hot gluing the circuit board to the top of the transformer and those small wires could never carry enough current to weld with those electrodes , the copper wire would melt before the electrode would..

usuario primer says:

Hola professor me gusta el canal saludos suerte

Николай Семечкин says:

кого ты лечишь шлема (т. е. вася)

김부용 says:

출력이 몇볼트인지 표기가 없네요

Cesar Sandoval says:

Buenos dias profe gusto en saludarlo ,se mira muy bien el león pintado como desimos pero hay que haser una para ver si rujee jaja, bendiciones, para usted y su familia que vuestro Dios todo poderoso y eterno que es Jehová el unico Dios verdadero y eterno le siga dando mucha saviduria para que siga compartiendola Amén, desde Monclova Coahuila Mex.

Hưởng Nguyên Khắc says:

Trước đây vì không có điện lưới nên tôi cũng chế một chiếc máy Hàn từ một chiếc máy phát 1000 w 14v kích từ bình ắc quy 24 v và fải dùng đầu nổ 6 ngựa mới hàn tạm được. Ở video này chỉ lừa được mấy thằng nước ngoài thôi. Dùng Lioa làm máy hàn thì cũng phải lấy cái 7,5-10 kế thì mới dc


What was the circuit board from?

Hà Huỳnh says:

that ko vay.

Сергей Гасанов says:

Просмотрите видео ещё раз и обратите внимание на шкив генератора?! Он не меняет оборотов. Это халява для просмотров.

letsrockza says:

go buy a welding machine – its not that expensive!!

El bicho Siuu says:

Fake, fake, fake ,very fake

Oleg Kom says:

Не хрена себе порнуха ! Из стабилизатора или просто латора на оля бум бум ха ха судя по вторичке в 13 – 15 V и 12 Ам можно сделать только точечную сварку кратко временно вторичка супер а первичка сделает бабах ! А за остальные порно сюжеты полный абзац !

Kaio Hoy says:

Khong hieu gi ca ?????

Phong Trần D.I.Y says:

everyone report it, it's a scam and it's a waste of time

Thao Ietrung says:

khong noi khong hieu gi het

Tyrone Nelson says:

That third video is even more fake than the second one there is no permanent magnet to create any sort of voltage whatsoever, these fools are far too stupid to create anything that actually works so they fake them, look at the jump in the video at 17:38.

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