How To Make Your HVAC System Last Longer!! Easy Install…

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A day in the life of a hvac technician. Today we have a couple jobs, removing some supply air ducts for a future ductless install project and adding a low pressure switch on a heat pump split system. Also, an update on the Nissan NV2500 van build. Hope you enjoy the video!!

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samlol23 says:

Good luck with the van. Great job- its awesome

Chadillac_256 says:

Man love that van setup. As soon as we get bozo out of office and prices get back normal I’ll be shopping👍🏻

Mike V. says:

So much for the 6 ft rule on the liquid tight tubing. I guess it doesn’t apply in that state!

Mark Cotter says:

Good job van is super clean. I don’t know if mine would ever stay that clean. When is the custom van wrap coming ?

Paul-IE-Repairs says:

i like how there is absolutely no insulation on that wall to the attic

Daniel henderson II says:

That truck is sexy 😍

Kman 5000 says:

If the thermostat already has a delay, aren't you doubling the delay time everytime you get a cooling call now? Wouldn't a delay on break accomplish this without that problem? Unless of course you took out the delay on the thermostat settings.

Jeremy Strickland says:

Hey man,
my wife and I will be in Nashville tomorrow(sunday) through tuesday. We run a business here in DFW, it'd be cool to meet up with you if you have time

Alexander Reinke says:

#vanlife🤙 so customizable plus your gear can stay conditioned and out of the elements.

Ty Harvey says:

I sure am glad I live in a part of the country with a basement and actual sheet metal duct work rather than this flex duct crap/attic equipment rooms!

Carol Carver says:

Thanks guys for all your advice. I’m a journeyman tech out of Turneys heating and cooling in Franklin Ky. Your set up is awesome. I’ve learned a lot watching on my time off

Joe Shearer says:

Low pressure switches can be problematic on heat pump especially during defrost

christer karlsson says:


Hector Martinez says:

Good job man I follow you from Tampa Fl 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Ma Ma says:

Most digital thermostats already have a built-in delay-on-break in the thermostat chip.

Angryfarmergamer21 says:

Is that mo99 in the blue cans? I'm also amazed you can still get pink 410a cans

M. Koehler says:

I love climbing into an attic and see upflow vertical furnaces and a big platform to work on

zack991 says:

I would never have mine upstairs, they loose so much capacity in that unconditionaled space

Bern W says:

I was an hvac tech for over 40 years and when it was busy, my truck was usually a mess. I do like an organized truck but my first thought looking at your setup, nice as it is, was where the heck are all your parts? I had all kinds of parts, from relays to transformers to small motors, nozzles for oil burners, thermocouples, PRV's, circulators, wire, copper tubing, and the list goes on and on. To be fair, I was a troubleshooter and not an installer, but the 2nd thought that crossed my mind was a saying one of my mentor's had (RIP Jack Fitzpatrick and I can hear you now) when he'd see something like this, he'd say, "that's nice, it ain't good, but it's nice!" If this works for you then God Bless and good luck!

M M says:

Title seems like click bait and doesn't match the content

Jhill. 721 says:

That’s a lot of refrigerate sitting onto of that building! My Lordy!!!

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