How to read rating plate of a welding machine?

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welding machine.
How to read rating plate of a welding power source?
How to read name plate of a welding machine?


Marandal says:

Very helpful, i understand how to read Nameplates now. Thank you!

malik Rameez says:

Koun si machine Kitna kilo watts ki ha ya samjavo bahi

Pedia Tech says:

Excellent brief explanation 👍👍

N. Patel says:

welding machone is hoe much watt

Joy Fire says:

Very helpful video, and the only one I could find on this subject. Thank you!

Amjad says:

My machin is very old it has no name plate
I want to know it's kva rating
How can i fiend?

Prashant David says:

Very nice it is also useful information about machine, 👍

Deepak Nemade says:

Nice information.

Mohit Aggarwal says:

Very useful information for all!

Maulik Patel says:

Thank you, well explained with simple ways

sunny dhiman says:

It's Usefull.. Thank you !

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