How To Set Up And Use A Plasma Cutter For Beginners?

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You will learn the installation method, debugging method and operation method of plasma cutter from this user manual video about how to set up and use a plasma cutter for beginners.

Plasma cutter is a kind of equipment used to cut some special metal materials. It can cut metal products quickly through special treatments such as high temperature. Moreover, the metal cut by plasma cutting machine is very neat and the workload is very small. It only cuts partly and does not affect the physical properties of other parts of the metal.

The first step is to install a plasma cutting machine, and it is necessary to ensure that the installation is complete and there must be a sufficient degree of fastening, and then start to assemble the plasma cutting machine accessories.

Next, the air pressure of the air compressor of the air plasma cutting machine needs to be adjusted accordingly. First, the air compressor should be started, and then the internal air pressure should be raised to a certain level, and then the air release valve of the compressor should be opened. Then start the air compressor again and adjust its pressure accordingly. The air filter pressure reducing valve needs to be adjusted, the air pressure inside the compressor air tank needs to be adjusted, and then the gas test switch is turned on to adjust the air pressure of the decompression valve to a normal state.

After completing the installation and debugging, check it, and check the electrode nozzle inside to see if it is installed correctly. After the check is completed, turn on the power and source of the plasma cutting machine. After the nozzle has gas, check the thickness of the cutting material, and then adjust the gear to adjust it to the suitable thickness of the cutting material. Then place the cut work piece to a suitable position, and clamp the clip for cutting the ground wire to the work piece of the equipment. After the above operations are completed, the cutting can be carried out. After the cutting is successful, the switch of the air plasma cutting machine torch is turned off. Then turn off the other switches and wait for the device to cool down.

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Руслан Ахмеров says:

Good afternoon! we have such a machine from the company STARFIRE 63A, there was a problem before starting the task, it comes to the point – the saplo lights up and stands still – if anyone can help, tell me – I will be grateful for the help.

Tekin Kiroglu says:

Fiyatı nedir bu makinanın


Which cutting torch you guys are using for 200A

Azeldin El-sawi says:

Hi I would like to adjust the values of P20 P19 P18 P11 P05 P06 P07 P99 for cutting a plate 4mm. Thanks for your being supportive


I bought same cnc as in the video and followed these steps but the cnc looks working only in manually mode, I sent an E-mail to Mr Peng unfortunetely no feedback.

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