How To Use A Router | Newbie

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If you’re BRAND NEW to the wood router, or powertools for the matter, then this video lesson is exactly what you need.

OVERVIEW: In today’s lesson I will be walking you through the different router options available. I’ll show you a GREAT basic router bit set that I highly recommend if you are looking for one. I’ll be explaining some basic routing technique, and at the end of the video, I’ll show you how to make a very simple round edge on a piece of flat stock.

DEWALT ROUTER (small one):


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Training Hands Academy says:

I have a beginners hand-held routers course coming out soon. If you want to be notified when it launches check out this link –>

1629 Citizen says:

Raise? Lower? How. I guess I need a clueless beginner version!

Newtybot says:

I feel like I could 3D print a cage for my dremmel and get roughly the same effect
But I can understand the use of a specialty tool 🤔

Kevin Hartwig says:

Hi from The Land Down Under, Australia .what is the mat that you have the piece of work on when you have no clamps

Major Chisholm says:

Hey Thanks. This was very helpful. 👍

Sean Whitman says:

Pertaining to the part where you said something to the affect of: "if you're going to be taking a lot of material off, you'll want to do that in multiple passes " I wish you would had exained how one does that. The depth up and down I know is adjustable, but an adjustment in this manner I'm unsure of what exactly you mean.

Janine Kurzinger says:

I just picked up my first router today. A total newbie . I decided on the dewalt 2 1/4 hp kit that came with plunge base over the compact version pretty much because the rockler oval and circle jig is only available in Canadian stores in the larger size . It’s a bit overkill because I’ll only cut up to 24” but the small jig is from the US and only works in the compact router.
I’m a bit nervous to start out using it because it’s a bit heavy. My plan is to cut 1/4 or 1/8 inc plywood circles and ovals and corresponding 1/2 inch Mdf supports for the plywood . I also want to get special carving bits to do some creative carving.
There is a guy on YouTube who sells bases with small handles closer to the base which I hope will make it easier to use.
I have small hands and hope the weight of this router won’t be a challenge . The last time I used a router was eons ago in grade 7 to make a clock. I remember I liked using it but don’t remember what sort of router it was .
What advice to you have considering I have small hands and feel a bit nervous about the weight and speed of it. I have yet to use it. Won’t be doing round overs but may use that cutter that cuts against templates for the Mdf wood. Looking for your best advice .

Clifford Manohar says:

I just got my new Bosch Palm router, I'm exicited as hell, this video was very helpful,, but my finish is not as perfect as i extpected it to be,, I guess I need to practice more.. Thank you bro!!

Matthew says:

First time ever learning what a router was! Thank you for making great content!

lewy says:

I am newbie, first time using router this week. May I ask what is best way to cut 10 mm depth of pattern hole, should I cut it by 1 pass, or 2 or 3 passes to cut that 10 mm depth? (provided that I have the right cutting length router bit)

Peter Valentine says:

Quick to the point

Chris Trinh says:

Thank you for the informative and concise video. How firm should we be holding the router? I find myself often death gripping my router in fear I would lose control of it.

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