How To Use A Router | Ultimate Beginners Tutorial

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Woodworking lessons with master carpenter Jaime Perkins of the Perkins Builder Brothers. This video is all about how to use a router… It includes setting up the router bit and base, choosing and using the most common types of router bits, and also some common beginner mistakes to avoid! The router used in this video is a Porter-Cable brand, one of the most widely available and used models ever. If you are new to woodworking, this is a must-see video series!
***A few safety notes: Always use I and ear protection when using a router; never wear loose clothing when using a Router; always use two hands to control the router; always make sure the router is turned off before plugging it into a power source; always unplug the router when changing bits; and it’s always a good idea to let the router come to a complete stop before letting go of it.
For those of you wondering about using a router table… that will be another video.

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Porter-Cable Router used in this video:

Frued 6 piece router bit starter set (1/2″ Shank)
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Amy Simmons says:

This was great! I’m scared but I’m buying a router.

Dream Workshop says:

Awesome tips! Thank you

Beth Link says:

Just got my first router. I've heard of them, NEVER seen one in use. Thank you so much for this quick simple video that didn't go into too much detail but just enough to get me started!!!!!! Here I go!

Saint Germain says:

Great video. I just purchased a router table to do some basic cuts thru some 2×2 pieces. This was very helpful for a novice worker, 👍

Victoria Williams says:

You guys are awesome

California DreamLocks says:

Thanks for the share and the laugh ☺️

Paul Smyres says:

did you just pound a nail through your vinyl siding to hang your sign ? lol

Robin Cross says:

Excellent starter video, finally took the plunge and got my dream tool. If it weren't for the fantastic subject you were talking about I might have been completely distracted by your gleaming white teeth.

Eliška Přenosilová says:

I absolutely love this tool!!! The first one was defective and Dewalt replaced MyBest.Tools More bulky than the Bosch and Makita corded palm routers I have but worth it. Nice solid base

Tyler smith says:

I like to call this guy 10 fingered Jamie.

Anthony Rivera says:

Awesome thanks!

Gary McDonnell says:

Great video! I'm in the process of learning the basics about routers so I can buy one and the info here was really helpful. The explanations about bit types was especially useful for me. Thanks!

Flip The Pickle says:

Hey Jamie what brand do you think make the best router bits?

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