How Vapor Compression Refrigeration System Works – Parts & Function Explained.

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In this video we will learn the detailed working process of Vapor Compression Refrigeration System, by properly understanding the functions of different components easily.

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Varadharajan says:

really more useful…for better understanding✌

Sanjana SP says:

Ma'am ❤️.. thanks 🥺

Jasper Hayes says:

Finally I get it

Bhishma pitamah says:

Watching only 15 min before exam thankyou i understand everything

Knowhow Spirit says:


home load/bill malom karain..

channel "knowhow Spirit".

universal truths@ channel says:

Helpful video diploma engineering study for students,,
I was watching the video I am from Bangladesh,,
Refrigeration and air conditioning,
I want about all engine video


very nice video bro

Muhammad abu sufyan says:

Thank u very much highly commendable

Rathna Kumar V says:

why the refrigerant high pressure vapor high temperature vapor has to enter to condenser instead directly going to expansion valve??

Vachan says:

Wonderful video 👍

Muhammad Waqar says:

excellent explained

Sudheer Hirolikar says:

My question is how Superheared refrigerant get cool more than surrounding temperature in condenser….. For cooling condenser use air medium, den how v get cool effect

Yadav Shivam says:

Best explanation thank you ma'am

Shubham Bhuva says:

This is very helpful to me it is very tremendous work.

Ananya Dhananjaya says:

Okay so I learnt an answer to a question in just 6 minutes, perfect!❤️

Md Nasrullah says:

High pressure high temp vapour enters into the condenser and condenser take the latent heat of vapour. Vapour exit in liquid form. But temp remains same. How? Heat is extracted from vapour then why temp not falls?

Salum Rashid says:

Sorry I need to learn this technician I need teacher

osman goni says:

Good information

carson chan says:

high pressure liquid? I thought liquids cant be compressed

Victor Cheruiyot says:

I have understood it very well…thank you.

Fake Friends says:

hello im new just trying to understand of where the low temperature goes to the container of the refrigerator and is should have a exhaust of this thing?

Waruna Prasad Rupasinghe says:

Twas very helpful thanks

rajkumar says:

Really nice video for understanding

Nishant Sen says:

Very helpful

Naveen Kumar says:


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