HVAC Basics – My HVAC System Explained!

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In this video I explain HVAC basics. I explain my HVAC system in detail. My HVAC was installed by HVAC technicians using AirTemp equipment. I go over the cost of my HVAC system and how much my electric bill is using this heat pump. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: This video is all based on my personal opinion and is for entertainment purposes ONLY. I am not a financial advisor, CPA, attorney, tax advisor, electrician, plumber, housing contractor, designer, or any type of profession to give advice. I am just a consumer sharing my experiences and research. If you do need knowledge for those types of things, I will advise you to seek help for those professionals.

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David Kanyok says:

Also, do you see this often?

David Kanyok says:

What I am trying to get across is , why pull humid, dank air from a basement ,and circulate it through the whole house?

David Kanyok says:

Hey man, should there be a register or air intake in the return air down by a unit in the basement pre 95 homes ?

Jung Kang says:

Thank you Josh, I learned a lot from your channel. I make sure like on every video!

extraart1 says:

Hey Josh, I've read many times that the most comfortable heating system for residential use is a radiant hydronic system; with hot water run through a concrete floor slab or with baseboard units. Why is it so rarely used? Do people in your area use it?

blmonkey says:

awesome, a condenser that doesn't have the line filter installed inside the compressor housing. When that filter gets too rusty, put it inside near the evap to keep it out of the weather and getting rusty and leaking. Think you'll be happy with 5 ton in 3k sq ft, if not you can tweak it by reducing static pressure (using a freer flowing filter or adding supply/return plenums), converting to conditioned crawlspace, insulating like with heat control film on select windows, and rafter vent baffles in the attic to keep the attic cooler. Did you get a Manual J done, since the house was still under construction?

Todd Garber says:

Thanks brother. Another great video 🤙🏼

Randy Paul says:

Hey Josh, what region are you in? I’m assuming the Southeast based on how the system was run? I enjoyed the video! Thank you!

Suckit. says:

First time homeowner and 23 years old, I'm taking up some home improvement projects and my first thought is "hm I wonder if Joe has posted a video about this…" Thanks man you're super helpful and I appreciate it

Silver Grizzly says:

Hey Josh, I'm curious to why you didn't run the flex vent thru the entire ceiling, maybe cost?

And my house is 1756 sq ft. and with my heat pump it runs around $160 a month, when we've had nice consistent weather in the past I have had our power bill down to $58 in one month, but very rare occasions😆
Awesome video my friend. Jay 👍 👍

Sharon Nailed It Or Failed It says:

I really hope you see this. I want to say I appreciate you so much. My husband and I really didn't know much about building anything, wiring anything, or plumbing. My family and I bought a lot of land and we are doing a shed to house conversion. My husband it's handy either. lol Your videos have helped us buy the right things and we have started our build out. I feel confident that we can do this because of how informative your videos are! I really want you to know how much I appreciate you and how you have been a big part of making our shed a home. We are also able to teach our 14 year old son and 16 year old daughter how to help finish there lofts out as well to make it there own.

Tristan Berg says:


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