HVAC company owner offers extra work van to family who had theirs stolen during OC chase

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The owner of a Southern California HVAC company is going the extra mile to help an innocent family whose work truck was stolen during a wild and dangerous chase on Wednesday. READ MORE: https://abc7.la/3fT7Lc9

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Dabestt5 says:

Do you know the name and face of this suspect who did all the damages to these vehicles 🙄

daixer3 says:

Can someone get them a new dog too! 🐕 I think that's very important too. Now that the pit bull showed that they are soft dog unlike what society thinks and calls them. Vicious? Not even close. Confused, seems so!! Attacked the truck rather the jacker in sight! Today was a Good day. 👍 😂

daixer3 says:

I'm glad to finally hear whites helping whites. That Hispanic family was getting all the attention and money. Last I heard up to $75,000. That's ridiculous. They said that they had to replace the tools too. How and why? All they gotta do is go to the place where their truck is. Impound or wherever it's at.

They totally arrested that guy so easily and softly compared to that dude that got arrested for going out of his car. Hahaha. Said he was trying to get his family out of harm. How so? I think he was trying to assault the maniac driver. Thus, the cops has to beat and arrest the fool. Hahahaha

Linda Randles says:

Restore my faith in humanity. God bless

Cynthia Hendrix says:


Martha Alvarez says:

Peace Love Unity and Respect

Madlyn says:

Super cool of you, thank you for your generosity! We need more people like you.

2A556FMJ says:

Why not just reach out though the Gofundme that’s been up directly, Do you want to just help or help because you’ll get some nice free PR out of it. Nice offer but it’s like helping the homeless with a camera rolling so you can put it on your social media.

Piet G. says:

The cops wanted to arrest somebody, because they couldn't get hold of the real criminal in the first place.

Juan Diaz says:

That's so awesome. God bless this man. He has a good heart.

Pillo Ramirez says:

That's right 👍

Soggy Jungle says:

I hope both working families vehicles are replaced quickly and better than before, just to keep the human spirit alive.

Wendy O'dell says:

That is super nice and very thoughtful. Many blessings to this man and his gracious offer 🥺 There's a front row seat in heaven when it's time for him to meet our lord for that sacrifice.
Prayers and hugs to the family who have gone through this crazy he!!🙏❤️

Jane W says:

Great company ❤

American Paisa Returns says:

Cops should’ve blasted the criminal the moment he backed the van into the Police cruiser.

Ken Whalen says:

What did the guy drop in front of the first truck that he tried to steal? It was white

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