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Thefred 02 says:

I don’t see Christoph’s info anywhere…

Cliff Sims says:

Is there a way to conceal the room air handler

Terence Teckyong says:

U can cool and heat with a 3pipe system

Clarence Hopkins says:

Excellent stuff bro

Jean Lanz says:

RIP to your wife's Mom and hope her father is doing well. Very interesting discussions on HVAC systems and also the HEPA filter. Thank you and God bless you all.

Bryan Skill says:

I have the same wall units and similar units outside my house installed in June 2021. I noticed sometimes the wall units make strange noises while running. The noise doesn’t last real long but it happens during the summer and I don’t understand why that is. I know during the winter it happens but it displays “df” which means it’s in defrost mode when it’s cold out. Any idea what could cause it to make the strange noise during the summer? The units were cleaned professionally once this season and the tech couldn’t really explain the noise

tszymk77 says:

Sorry about your mother-in-law :-(.

Timothy De Vries says:

If it's a Rheem it heats & cools for 12 months and then leaks out all it's refrigerant.

walterw2 says:

somebody needs to make those mini-split heads not so g*****n ugly!

instead of that big plastic hospital-looking thing hanging on the wall they need to be stylish and unobtrusive, like wood-paneled or something

Timothy Eckert says:

“Let’s talk about best value” sponsored by said “best value” :/

Mack Fisher says:

What is the HVAC industry doing if anything to mitigate the GFCI tripping issues?
As the 2023 code is removing the TIA exception for many splits using adjustable motor speed controls.

Brian Smith says:

I'm sorry, but someone needs to come up with a better idea than that mini-split device in the caretakers room. It is so trashy looking on those nice walls. You spend that kind of money and have that big white obnoxious thing hanging on the wall? Fine in a garage, but not in that room

s n says:

Really awesome stuff.. but the more I watch this stuff, the more I get upset about the state of the majority of homes that are built and the cost to update/upgrade systems. Like the conditioned attic is very interesting. Having just redone the roof a year ago, this wasn't an option and I wasn't aware. I see you have a vid in the following week about upgrading an attic without updating the hvac. Hopefully I can gleam some diy ideas out of it. Why is "code" seemingly focus to hit by builders and not something better?

techsucks says:

I really enjoyed listening to your guest.

Will Harrell says:

Interesting selection of Carrier equipment vs Mitsubishi which I think I typically see in your videos on HVAC.

guitovelochi says:

Your voice is muffled and I can't hardly understand you. I can't believe that some of us are still believing that the masks are really helping. To the contrary they actually do more harm especially to the kids. Love your work but wish we could move on from the nonsense.

TunafishSmoothie says:

Just a comment on the air filtration unit. I have been using hepa filtration units in 2 bedrooms for probably 10 years now. I'm sure they aren't as efficient as the unit in this video. What I will say is that even though we have fairly hefty filtration on the central HVAC system, we hardly ever have to dust the bedrooms compared to the rest of the house. They also give off enough white noise to make sleeping easier (at least for the wife and I), although units like in the video may put out even less sound. The cost of purchase, filters, and a small amount of electricity, is well worth it.

Chris Miller says:

"not very big…2200sf for 2 people."

john saxton says:

Well I can tell you I've been in the hvac business 18 years and good luck getting carrier minisplits. Distributors in my state have very little stock. Just quoted replacements for two 2020 carrier minisplits because we can't get the control boards for them and this is through weathertech. They are made in China and there is no ETA on when they'll be available. Mitsubishi minisplits are made in Japan and the Japanese make good products.

Pete Smith says:

Man, that guy sure is a good salesman! 🎱

DH Clapp says:

The insistence of industries like HVAC on turning colloquial internal uses of terms like VRF and Ductless into official terms with counter-intuitive and confusing meanings is just absolutely infuriating.

Ronin says:

Matt, 80F in the summer is way to high for most places. 80F is fine for a week or two, but in the South and South East the is more like 3 to 4 months.. 75-77F is much more reasonable temperature. The real danger will be humidity. If you need a storage space with a different zone than the rest of the house, consider an airlock or breeze dampener set up or huge silent directional fans in the ceiling.

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