HVAC Electrical Troubleshooting Disaster Hack Attack

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Electrical troubleshooting skills are critical in HVAC repairs. Reading the mind of the idiot that hacked this install would also be helpful. You won’t believe what these clowns did to this customers equipment! It’s shameful!

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0:00 All the HVAC has been hacked in!
1:35 What the plan is to get it running again
3:15 Pool area is the problem zone
4:05 Bad thermostat and tracing the wiring with a Fluke Toner
5:00 I found the correct wiring
5:55 They don’t have cooling but the cooling is wired up
6:55 Isolation relays and wire layout tracing
8:25 Reading the schematic and laying out a plan to properly wire the pool heater
12:35 Picking the proper wires for the thermostat
13:56 Running thermostat wiring across the roof
15:00 Explaining the wiring and how the isolation relay works to protect the transformer
17:45 We have high fire heat
20:14 Checking the pool water temp and air temp
22:00 Checking the exhaust fans still work
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PBS #007 says:

great job, i am still lost, please do a sequence of operation on RTU. thanks

AG says:

I’ve done a good amount of work we’re people don’t know how to install crap yet they get what they pay for but good god lol I know it wasn’t too easy either WHAT A DAMN NIGHTMARE lol not anyone can do what you did my friend 👍 my respects RICK 😃

ElfNet Designs says:

This looks like the rats nest of CAT6 I am straightening up in a communications equipment shelter now.
lazy people that call themselves professionals too lazy to remove dead leads from the cable trays and retired WiFi radios off the tower outside. NO cable management at all either just zip tie it anywhere like to the tower beacon power leads – create cross talk on the data lines = poor quality WiFi and links.
Anyways I call this sort of thing "Visualized Insanity" or "Living Chaos"

George Ian says:

Great diagnostic work, so hard to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. I worked with a residential contractor doing HVAC for indoor pools. He quoted Dectron only…funny how rich people who can afford an indoor pool would sometimes go wonky over the cost of proper HVAC. One new system we did was actually a complete house renovation because the original indoor pool had poor humidity control causing major structural problems (rusted I beams, rotted joists and studs, not to mention mold) and the house was only 10 years old.

10 minute New Hampshire Break says:

Wrong on so many levels

Steve Blake says:

533 Thumbs up Great Video

gordon borsboom says:

How does a higher air temp than water temp reduce evaporation?

Rob Malford says:

Do Americans refuse to use DIN rails because they're metric or do they just really love those shitty self-tapping hex screws?

Kurt T says:

Great work in a terrible situation. Absolutely hate seeing customers who have been let down in huge ways by crap contractors.

Alan R says:

Yeah! enjoyed it a lot thanks

4!RF0RC3 JU4N says:

Crazy shit people do

DFW HVAC says:

You get what you pay for. Nice clean up and it’s unfortunate you had to do this in freezing temps.

Ian Palmer says:

Pay now or pay more later. Cheap is rarely a deal.

throttle bottle says:

surely that was all installed by "The Three Stooges" 🤣🤣

throttle bottle says:

I have a couple toner sets and random other wire tracing junk. but I've done plenty of data/comm. 💩💩

steven weeks says:

What a freaking nightmare

ME says:

Wow! What a mess. Great job.

DashCamAndy says:

I'm a little confused: title says "Electrical Troubleshooting" but the thumbnail clearly shows "Spaghetti Junction."

TroniX FiX says:

The previous hvac tech must been italian… he left a bunch of spaghetti in there.

Whites heating & air & appliance repair says:

I like my Fluke tone generator. I believe it's 23 years old. I traced an old nurse call system main panel enclosed in a wall. Great tool. Nice video.

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