HVAC Refrigeration- Walk in freezer down.

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Emergency Sunday call for the WIF down.


JerryFrigeration says:

Rookie… I enjoy your videos… thank you for recommending the KEEN boots on one of your videos. They have been great.

Dee Kay says:

Gents ? Not ALL "gents" …… 🙂 thanks for video / I'd like to see the electrical aspect if you could, I know it's not ez holding the phone but it's important part of troubleshooting and where I am most nervous at.. Thanx

davejohnsonnola says:

If it had been a higher ambient temp, would we have to have blocked the airflow from the open spaces where there was no fan motor?

Vibzs says:

Bro ik I'm 14 but you should of turn power off form the beginning because of the rain then turn it on to check for motor but you should of check the contacter

hg2 says:

Wow… resourceful indeed.

unknown5 says:

Great work I appreciate the video

Chad says:

I'm curious, if you need a new compressor, how do you get it on roof,with a crane?

Wasim Edoo says:

Good job you save that machine

alvaro garzon says:

Job looks fun the hell I’m a bit of a tinkerer so I guess it appeals to me

Fahad Khan says:

Sir can you send me the picture of oil separator servicing if you have

chalmettemike says:

Good job killing condenser fan motor to by running it wet and replacing a “clock” Because a circuit board had some black on it but it’s honestly looks like dirt to me. Also go see a doctor for your sinus your breathing sounds like you’re gonna die maybe stop smoking cigarettes too

edward leas says:

Went to school for hvac/r
got my start in kitchen exaust.
The raine!
Everybody loves the rain!

Millennial Mechanic says:

Great Job, seems like you've been doing this for a few years now. Keep up the good work!

Tyrone Sheppard says:

HVAC/R Service Technicians must be Resourceful out in the field. You demonstrated that fact very clearly in this video. We're all by ourselves out there most of the time, especially when pulling on-call duty. As a fellow tradesman in the same trade, I've learned to be that way as well. Great work, sir!

Normando Franca says:

Nice job. T.Y.

Dino greatfuliano says:

superb good shout ! sorted it good style bro, Im loving your videos

HVAC1 says:

Nice thinking👍👍👍

oidodsonido sonido says:

I would of flushed all electrical with nitro before start up

oidodsonido sonido says:

Got to stop smoking those damn stogies man you breathing hard… get some cardio dude this job requires you to be in shape if you want to do it for the long run that is

Justin Canterbury says:

Good video!!

DFW HVAC says:

But at least is nice and clean now. SMH! You are wore down from that long on call. Get some vitamin C.

Steve Blake says:

#131 thumbs up

Larry Woodruff says:

Keep em comin brother!
I appreciate you.
Vacaville CA
Reefer tech Port of Oakland

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