HVAC scams: Are you protected? (Marketplace)

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Hundreds of calls and complaints have been made to the Ontario government against one HVAC company, but customers say Ontario Green Savings continues to trap consumers into misleading contracts. Is the country’s largest province failing to protect homeowners? CBC Marketplace puts Consumer Protection Ontario to the test.

Read more: https://www.cbc.ca/1.6632008

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Joy Hooja says:

So who is investigating Consumer Protection Ontario and why they even exist ????

Bhavna Mehta says:

Same but it was with simply smart home

Kevin Colman says:

Please please make an investigation on Freight brokerage company

DKS says:

Thanks all these ministry’s are corrupt

Roy says:

"This is all Trudeau's fault, he tried to sell me a HVAC too! 😱" – FrEeDumbers, somewhere.
No but jokes aside, thank you CBC Marketplace for shining light on these scammers and investigating – especially the part about consumer protection really irked me. 😩

Darryl Southard says:

Those hepa filters work but they don’t make your equipment more efficient but they do keep the air cleaner
And when she said that 90% furnace and ac is 1800…u can not go by bs online pricing , I get all my equipment from hvac supply shops, and every company has a markup to cover the cost of running a business
Did u actually think we give u anything at cost?? Wtf how would we have a business if we did that

Noel Geollegue says:

Consumer protection Ontario is useless. get rid of it. People are scammed twice, their tax dollars are paying the salaries of this people at consumer protection sitting on their desk all day doing nothing.

W T says:

Go sue and get justice through court.

Matthew York says:

Counterpoint. I think CBC has a typical “if it bleeds, it leads” sensational bent, while portraying itself as protectors of the community. I’ve seen it again and again. Here’s some perspective: the cost of the “thing” you just bought is always a most incremental part of the sale price, whether it’s a steak, dental filling, or alternator. That business person is paying rent, utilities, truck payments, insurance, office staff, worker comp, and DOZENS of other things. In addition, the laws of supply and demand are very real and powerful, and there is a market driven value to someone’s intellectual property; their expertise. IE triple the amount of doctors etc and watch prices plummet. Now you wouldn’t walk back into a restaurant and say, “I just checked and that steak is $10 at Kroger. Why did I pay $60?” You know intuitively that it costed a lot more than $10 for that steak to end up on your table. But these sensational shows go on the internet and are able to find what a company paid for a furnace, willfully ignorant to the myriad of other costs associated with that type of transaction. I have $5000 in parts in my truck, $8000 more in tools. It costed me $704 last week in uniforms and $6000 the week before in a new transmission. CBC, let’s get together and Google what a furnace costs. Then you can go over my income statement with me. But you don’t want to do that, do you CBC? I’m a TINY company with low overhead, and if I was was altruistic enough to put in a furnace for $1800 it would be the express train to bankruptcy. There’s a very rational, and mathematically unavoidable, reason why that steak was $60, and the reason that dual cap was $200. Google has made us a world of Google Armchair Genius’s. CBC is no different. At about the 3:30 mark they note that a case was opened and found there was no case there. High prices are not indicative of fraud! (Mine are too low) Putting that unit was not a DIY job, but to a sensationalist it was a “monstrosity.” IN THIS INSTANCE, they might be crooks, it’s just as likely they’re aggressive salespeople, communicate poorly, and don’t have a massive commitment to customer service. I see a lot of companies with a bias towards a sale. I have a 33 year HVAC experience that suggests the real truth is in the middle, and while many companies have a bias to sell sell sell, a lot of media companies have a bias towards gotcha journalism. Mother Theresas they are not, although they need you to believe that.

tmac2323 mac says:


tmac2323 mac says:


Angry Beaver says:

What's the problem they signed up for it? I see 2000 dollar fan motors quoted for 12000 dollars from trane service, a huge manufacturer of equipment. Why are they allowed to get away with it then?

John Brown says:

Reliance is one of the biggest offenders. Never let one one of their sales people in your home.

Settings Settings says:

problem is that people dont read and dont do research. always second guess and get a second opinion. could have researched the cost of the unit online or just a basic google search on hvac systems. if its too good to be true kick those mofos off your property

Christopher Barfoot says:

I don't agree with these shady companies but as a former banker I have seen peoples contracts and it says all the details in there. People don't read what they sign. People you gotta beware.

Siahman says:

Lol Canadian government is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine 🤡

Satinder Kansaray says:

True same thing happened with me 9 year ago crooks opened up two companies different names

Nibbles D. Biscuits says:

@0:33 in fairness to the HVAC scammers if she was told there would be "reduced reduction on her bills" that's pretty much what she got. Lmao

Ron Bonora says:

Consumer Protection Ontario is a scam in itself! What a joke our government is! Were a laughing stock around the world.

Patricia Lynn says:

This happened to my friend in Alberta, lean on your house for around $15,000. & she is 75 years old. Shame on this company!

JAGDEEP singh says:

Great work CBC .

klopataralo says:

I like how they don't dare to go after Reliance and Enercare who do the same thing. I worked for both and I can tell you, renting is a scam! You're better off getting a small line of credit from your bank and buy it outright. Reliance and Enercare charge over 20% interest on financing. Rental is even worse. I got so many horror stories to tell about them!!!

D L says:

What about appealing through the Office of the Ombudsman?

Christopher Wilkinson says:

Don't trust anybody that says they're a technician and is wearing a pair of sneakers or shoes. If they don't have a pair of boots on, that look like they've been working in them for a while… don't trust them

beez. says:

Its not aproved " What " !
got to reach out to all or most other and get a " Lawyer " and pinned them down !

Dawson Holdsworth says:

Hvac is under the TSSA, and The Ministery of Consumer Affairs.

Marshall Improvements says:

So many HVAC companies here in the US hopped on the "Air filtration to prevent COVID" bandwagon. Let the lawsuits roll – only protection against the disreputable is a second opinion.

dwell771 says:

where do you get a furnace for 1800 dollars? I want that supply house lol

Korelyene Jean says:

Do Reliance’s next!

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