HVAC sheet metal SHOP #HVAC

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Head high says:

did it ever come to your mind to make hvac duct at mass production?

Tyler Cottingham says:

Start the video off strong with some titties i like it!

Diamond Star Garage says:

see my sheet metal shop on my channel it's huge

frmerrin2 says:

Any idea on the age of the finger brake?
That thing looks ancient.

Rodney Thornhill says:

nice not a lot of shop videos on here

Smithers says:

The metal brakes are awesome. Nice workshop

airkraft1 says:

that shop is organized real nice   ours is tough to keep clean.   we just picked up a plasma table this year ,what a life saver you guys would love one of those

T&N Services LLC. says:

I like it Billy

Stephen Rardon says:

Swimsuit calendar is a must! LOL

JH HVAC & Plumbing says:

Billy now I understand why u asked about the Lennox whisper cause u r a Lennox guy, anyways u guys have a major shop and very clean . Good video .

Emin HVAC says:

nice shop. I manufactured ductwork for 5years from 18-23years old. I hated every second of it LOL

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