HVAC Technician Starting Salary and Average Salary

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HVAC Technician starting salary or average pay. In the HVAC trade there is a wide variety of fields one can work in but overall, the starting pay for most beginner techs will be somewhere between 10-18 dollars an hour. It depends on where the person lives and what company he or she is hired by. After that, the increase in pay over time will depend on experience and the individual’s skill level in HVAC and other areas. For many residential technicians, $40/hr is the peak that they will attain throughout their career. Technicians working in the commercial or industrial field can get to even higher numbers such as $80/hr or even $100/hr. Once again it also depends on what HVAC field you are in (specialized skills pay more) and who your employer is besides other factors like location and education. So that’s the summary of the video. For more info and details, watch the video and visit the comments section! 🙂
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chase phillips says:

In texas its $35-$45 an hour some make up to $50-$55 due to it being so hot here in texas, people need a/c.

Aiveni Mila says:

Started at 13/hr I'm at 30/hr now

Aiveni Mila says:

Plenty if work out here. After school I started installing for a company been doing installs since. Looking for service companies now

jack rides says:

Tennessee. Been a Residential Service Tech for about 3 years. Started at 15, make 20 now.

Bernardo Barajas says:

Sacramento ,CA 1.5 years into the trade started at 16$ an hour currently 23$ all within the same company. Comercial/residential, Newly apartment builds.

Damon Ford says:

Can someone help me. I have universal cert and dont know where to start. And im prior military

Josh Thayer says:

I hooked up with a hospitality company that runs hotels and restraunts in northwestern Pennsylvania for 11 years i make around 35000 a year

Jane Bowman says:

What a great guy!!

Stacey Modisette says:

kill your back old HVAC old instructor 1 week 1600 cash fixing old appliances and flipping

N0BREAD says:

Man $17 hr don’t cut it now a days .. I live in California I gotta land something in the $21 hr to start to make it

Khai Tran says:

So is being an Hvac tech hourly pay or per preformace, im 15 and thinking about jobs

Abe Link says:

Thank you so much

JC Miguel says:

Starting this month! Eager to learn. 💪🏽

Stephen Mcnulty says:

I just started building maintence 4 months ago they started me at 16. Transferred me to a different job site and gave me a raise to 17.50. Then I got another maintence position at 18

Derion Coker says:

Ive been in the trade for 5 yrs in Rhode Island . I started at 14$ an hr as an apprentice after finishing school after two yrs of work exp i got licensed and went to 25$ which is the standard with a refrigeration or pipefitter journeyman. Fast forward to now i make 34 an hr as a Commercial Service tech but i know guys who make this much doing residential installs as well. I work between 50-60hrs so my checks are between 1200-1900 a week

Ammy Cruise says:

Is the 1$ tv still available for shipping to Africa😂😂😂😂

ronny rath says:

I do hvac for 4 years now. I work in Atlanta area and makes $26 an hour. I don't think it's enough. Commission is were its at. I hate to say it but our company they push us to upsale and sale new install instead of saving an old unit that can be saved. I hate it.

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