HVAC Training Basics for New Technicians and Students! Refrigeration Cycle!

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In this HVAC Training Video, I Show the Basics of how Refrigerant Flows Through a System, Saturated Temperatures, Phase Changes, Superheat, Subcooling, Airflow, Heat Absorption, and Heat Rejection! I Show Examples of Pressures and Temperatures! Supervision is Needed by a Licensed HVACR Tech While Performing Tasks as Experience and Apprenticeship Garners Wisdom and Safety.

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Er Irfan Shaikh says:

Very niece explain sir👍

Kubota B8200 says:

Had a HVAC tech tell me that our 2 year old system had mixed refrigerant in it which is the cause of low cooling and compressor clicking noise during running.
How can someone say you have mixed refrigerant in a new system when all they did was connect gauges and looked at the readings for 10 minutes if that. They recommend recovery and install new refrigerant 7.6 lbs in a unit that says 4.6 lbs. Apparently they think I can't read?

Eddie Mohamed says:


Reemy s. says:

Best explanation my friend. Thanks!

Abrahan Alegría says:

Excellent 👍

richard day says:

Can I buy paperback though ebay? I'm in Australia. 👍

충무동그오빠 says:

대한민국 언어로 자막 좀 넣어주시면 zzzzzz

rimmersbryggeri says:

Do you have any videos on multi zone heat pumps? Not an hvac technician but I have doen some mobile AC work in car dealerships and I really appreciate your channel and your way of teaching. Am looking into how to get the proper certifications for residential hvac here in sweden.

The Fresh Ride says:

I don’t know a lot of english, I need to watch your videos over and over until I can understand what you teaching us

Greg Keever says:

Thank you so much for your massive video collection an incredibly awesome book!. Would you consider a reversing valve replacement video? How do you flow nitrogen though all ports while brazing? Isnt one port closed during installation preventing nitrogen flow? I have not yet seen anyone flow nitrogen during replacement which has to be terrible for the system.

Mark joseph Matol says:

Thank you for learning sir ♥️♥️

This Is Your Captain Speaking says:

Every single word of this is significant.

Mike V. says:


Jesse wylee says:

Dude this was extremely helpful, im an installer 85 days in and this makes alot more sense after seeing this.

Milindu Silva says:

Thanks for sharing knowledge
Please we need information R32 gas how to use and about gas details thanks

The Truth says:

Thank you, nice to know the basics!

John Doe says:

Thanks for sharing craig..👍

antonio laracuente says:

Hey dude thank you for all this information you've been giving me I'm 64 years old I'm retired now but I'm learning lots of things that I didn't know in the forty years I've worked in the field that makes the job much easier the way you explained it thank you guy

Ma Ma says:

WAY TO CLEAR, Craig. Great job!


This is an excellent video!

Farley Redfield says:

This needs to be posted on bluon

Ronald Harrison says:

Great video but I can't shake the thought about he sounds like Kermit the frog.

Raul Nunez says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge 👍

Brian B says:

Love this free training..

Jeffrey Wyke says:

AWESOME teaching!! I never really thought about how this worked….but it is so interesting to listen to the explanation, and now I know at least some of the basics! Thank you!

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