HVAC Training Basics for New Techs: Gauges, Pressures, Temps, Check the Charge!

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In this HVAC Training Video, I show How to Read Gauges, Measure Refrigerant Pressure, Convert to Saturated Temp, Check the Charge, Confirm Refrigerant Type, Check for a Contaminated Charge, or Low Charge, Read a P/T Chart, Measure Total Superheat, and Subcooling, and more! Supervision is needed by a licensed HVACR Tech while performing tasks as Experience and Apprenticeship garners Wisdom and Safety.

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InDred CoLd says:

Dang you could call my dog with that whistle in the narration 😂

Felix E. Cerpa, Sr. says:

Hi,Craig,I have two questions for now the first is when you connect gauges in heat pump where you connect the high hose gauge straight to reversing valve fitting or to fitting of the liquid high line and low side hose gauge to low side vapor fitting.The second question is about the vapor state of refrigerant when you use it and how to proceed to let the vapor enters to the sister.Graig I wil appreciate you prompt to me.

Bottom Text says:

I saw retard on the blue gauge and now I can't get it out of my head

Akame Ga kill says:

I am 20 and starting my classes next month I know nothing about this I didn't see myself in college this will be the first actually man thing I do I grew up soft but I will try my best.

Frank FB says:

You really KNOW your subject matter!

Devtheedudee says:

30 years old and I’m jumping into the HVAC career field start school end of the month . Wish me luck ! It’s never to late !

Manny Loera says:

I’m 41 and I’m starting A/C school on Sunday.. am I too old to learn this trade??

Sem Meh says:

Can I be able to measure with this tool Testo 405i Outdoor DB Temp and Indoor WB Temp, and what is proper way to do measuring on Mini Slit systems. I really appreciate what you doing regarding education us here on YT-.

Dominique Pierre says:

Just i got confused line temp :ambient temp and saturated temp;
Are they same or different.
To be honest ;not great video; the numbers are so small and you did not explain very well regarding temperature.

Michael Lee says:

I am trying to learn how to fix my fridge and a/c by myself. These HVAC guys are blood sucking low life leeches. They want $850 to fix a pin hole leak on the copper pipe and recharge the gas when the fridge is $3800 brand new and $500 second hand. Simply cut and weld a new piece of copper pipe which can be done in 2-30mins plus recharge and testing, I am looking at 1.5hrs labour here.
Good video thx!

dom Kazi says:

First day on the job at 30 never done this before but according to the guy I'm training under this is good information

Robert Murphy says:

R Forteneye

Ganesh Tiwari says:

hvac have scope plz guide me … sir ….

Gerry Long says:

I bought quick guide troubleshooting card through Amazon. Under TXV Metering device in cooling mode, go to scenario and go down to Outdoor coil: low airflow or deteriorated, it says high under subcooling, I think that should be low unless I am misunderstanding. Could you please let me know? I appreciate all you do and use your info to assist me and my team. Thank You.

luck with tech says:

How we can service a package AC

Brian Noriega says:

My first day is also tomorrow and I’m 29 so wish me also good luck lol. I went to school but they didn’t hardly teach us anything. I know basic things but not into detail.

Ronnie Newman says:

In technical school do we do more hands on? Than individual work?

Donald Saunders says:

Thank you sir👍

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