HVAC Training – Basics of HVAC

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This HVAC training video will identify the purpose and goals of the HVAC system, describe basic HVAC parts, and explain how the parts work together to form a functional HVAC system.

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Emily W. says:

I’m applying for a job at an HVAC company and really appreciate this basic info.

Emily Allison says:

Is it HVAC gas or electric

HVAC Answer Man says:

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VNK EDU says:

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Eric Castaneda says:

Very informative thank you!

Sajid Mehmood says:

Where are you from

Peter Pan Complex182 says:

I don't understand why this video is talking about business like all I want to know is how the shit works I don't need to know about the social condition of the human at a workplace.

Fiham Ahamed says:

Love it yeah👌👌👌👌

Juan Rodriguez says:

Great explanation

Gethro Lebreton says:

I learned a lot from you , thanks

heart rate monitor says:

reccomended in 2021

Efficient Me With Somto says:

This is just the basics 😂, am confused already

SAM21713 MAS says:

🌴السلام عليكم🌴
Many Thanks,,, Very helpful and interesting Lesson.

MR TWO says:


New View says:

Im 16 and i myself have interest to do a hvac career thought im kind of confused on it. This video is so amazing with explaining the basics and parts.

Curtis Amos says:

I own A1Indoor air quality services…..I'm retired in a condo in winnipeg…nice view of the river….I can SEE air

Colin Robson says:

Thought we might get to see how the air passes through or over the air cooling coils which is surely the heart of the ac unit, but all we got was a rough childish explanation of how air flows through an office building?? As usual full of promise with no proper details of the 'Air Handling Units' outside on the roof, or perhaps more important, the inside 'Air Handling Unit' in the inside equipment room. And it seems there is no comparison of air quality before entering the 'Unit' compared to the air quality 'Out of the unit into the offices, or how this air quality is measured and controlled inside? The next question is what we really want to know, "What do we do if the air quality becomes fouled with serious germs and contaminants?"? Get serious folks and really tell us exactly how your 'Air Conditioning' improves our air or is your profession all smoke and mirrors like all this old technology crap probably fucks up our environment.

ppritchard133 says:

I work for a general contractor. It’s always great to know more about each trade and what they are talking about.

Aquil Ahmad says:

watch window AC animation here


Suraj Ajjampur says:

I'm starting out a career in HVAC and this was very useful for me to understand the basics. Very informative. Keep it up!

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