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As Bert welcomed his sixth child to the family and took some time off work, he began reflecting on his training life and figuring out what he could do to be a better HVAC trainer. He talks about his progress as he learns, grows, and develops into a better trainer.

Bert thought that the 3rd Annual HVACR Training Symposium was an inspiring experience, and he wanted to improve his training. He realized that his Monday morning training classes lacked passion, and he wanted to change up his approach to get his passion back.

Along the way, Bert grew out his beard, became an HVAC tech therapist, and encouraged his trainees to talk about their feelings. When that wasn’t enough, he let the employees shoot their trainer with a bow and arrow. He realized that he wasn’t being taken seriously, so he preached the word of HVAC from the rooftops.

So, Bert began focusing on accountability; he wanted to put a system in place that holds technicians accountable. To do that, he made a noted list of potential areas of growth for each technician; if a technician called him asking for help, he’d write it down and follow up with them to make sure they learn the material they asked about.

When Bert’s not passionate, he shows up and does the bare minimum, which is an attitude that spreads to his team. To nip that outlook in the bud, Bert made it a priority to show up for his technicians in times of need. He made sure he was there to celebrate milestones and transitions in his trainees’ careers, such as when they got their own vans or started doing harder service calls or quoted repairs.

He also focused on mastering the virtue of patience. Everyone has gaps in knowledge and experience, and as a trainer, Bert knew that it was his responsibility to encourage his trainees to give them the courage to keep learning.

While on hiatus from working, Bert also developed a step-by-step process for training all of his technicians. Its contents are still a mystery, but Bert is the greatest trainer in the world, so we all know that it’ll be good.

A reminder of Bert’s tips:

1. Walk quickly
2. Don’t pull out your phone during training UNLESS your company requires it for the task
3. Put in your own effort as you’re learning (don’t rely on a trainer to set your pace)
4. Don’t complain or gossip
5. Learn how to count

Read all the tech tips, take the quizzes, and find our handy calculators at https://www.hvacrschool.com/.

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Kevin Mengus says:

This was so funny. Your going to find the drain line or your fired had me laughing hard.

BadTxv TikTok says:

This was a masterpiece lmao

Dustin Weber says:

How dare you copy my new Borns name

John Flanagan says:

Nice! Congratulations on your new daughter!

Mackenzie Gray says:

can I just come work at kalos?


Love it, congratulations to you and your wife on the New addition to the family , keep them videos coming 👍🏻

Real estate services & sales Heating & Cooling says:

6 kids ! All near the same age, good work !🤣🤣🤣
I have 5 my youngest is in the twenties,you'll get there!🤣🤣🤣🧃
Stay safe.
Retired (werk'n)keyboard super tech. Wear your safety glasses!

Jacob Vanderzee says:

This whole video had me cracking up !!! #bertlife is so relatable as a upcoming journey men transitioning from a helper.

Preston Perrigan says:

Why does this give me “The Office,” energy? Lol

TheLifeOf Gwinn says:

Congratulations on the 6th edition! I feel inspired Bert. I just accepted an apprenticeship position for this field in the Hvac industry at a huge company here in my town I been looking forward to learning as much as I can so I can be as successful as I need to provide not only for myself but for my kid as well ! Keep being a great influencer I appreciate you

jaysonhines1 says:

Love ya bert, congratulations.

Bruce Purcell says:

😂this was great, I’ll always to remember tip 5, Lean to count, keep up the great work and Congratulations on baby #6…… or was that 5.

Johannes Brahms says:

Bert. . . you are a beautiful man!!!

East DallasKick’s says:

Man y’all’s company seems like the best for so many reasons. I’d love to learn with y’all but alas I had to exist in Texas 😞

Dalton K says:

Bert would make an amazing character on the office

stagg says:

Lmao! The best part of this video is seeing a good guy making a bunch of good kids! What sucks is seeing young folks dedicating their lives to raising a pair of pugs.

brad taylor says:

Who is bert?? Yes great idea have torches strapped in the rear-end of the van so when someone hits you, you'll have a nice suprise

Jericosha says:

I have actually had that drain line problem before haha. Took my senior tech to be utterly confused as well. The drain went out of the attic and down through the wall and into a drain hub behind the sheet rock.

Carter Jones says:

best video in a little while loved it

Kyle VanGrol says:

This is probably the greatest video i have have watched in awhile hahaha. I laughed quite a bit. Thank you.
Congrats on the baby. I am a dad of 3.

MrGrabaka says:

This was awesome

Whitney Owen says:

I had no idea how much I needed some #bertlife in my life!

alex bedenis says:

Congrats on the new baby. The way you brought the baby into the frame was hilarious 😂

Lee Johnson says:

Six kids! That’s a lot of BTU’s.

Harry Daniel says:

Bert could start his own company and be your competitor for sure!! Treat him well lol

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