Hypertherm XPR300 on Arc's Plasma Cutting Machine

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Take your shop production to the next level with our Arc Cut Pro Series burn tables.

This plasma cutting machine combines an advanced controller, an industrial quality platform, and the newly available Hypertherm XPR300™ to create a table unlike any other.

Cut mild steel, stainless and aluminum with improved speed and performance when combining our machines with the most advanced plasma system available.

Visit www.arccutting.com for more information.


Wessel Smal says:

How much does it cost

GordoWG1 WG1 says:

Cool video.
However, the failure to give a link to the company and, preferably, the product line, was an opportunity missed .
Most of the comments are asking about the price of the machine and, while I very much doubt they'd be potential clients – you never know, though, there may have been potential for an entry level machine.
Then again, a potential client may have just been looking at it as a general indication while deciding what to go for, and a link makes it much easier to get them hooked than if they have to hunt down the company details and find dealer(s) in their area.

Роман Блинков says:

Сам станок херня, гаражного уровня.

bg görkem says:

so good cutting.

Wael Ab says:

Laser cutting(trumpf) vs plazma(hpr xd 130) cutting 10mm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhrQwR3xELE&feature=player_embedded_uturn

RJ 7587 says:

prics 300 xd

Dheeraj Sengani* says:

What is the price total machine *

Adam Vale says:

Send me some info to adam.vale@davisfab.com

ايهاب العوضي says:

How much can you tell me please

Soggy Bottom Boys says:

Whats the cost on something like this? 50k

airborne14j1p says:

I can't wait!

Man Of Steel says:

How much it cost all the system and power source?

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