I Almost CLOSED My HVAC Company After 10 Years | Here's Why…

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After running my HVAC company for a decade, I started feeling burnt out. In this video I share my thoughts on why I felt that way and what I learned from working at another company for a month or so. Hope you enjoy the video, LET’S DO SOME WORK!!

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Quality HVACR says:

Sorry for the repeated clip 😕

Tom F says:

And when you hire employees that opens up a whole new can of worms. Sold my HVAC of 31 yrs and never looked back. You NEED an exit strategy because you will grow older

Chris M says:

I was a commercial/industrial electrical contractor with 35 employees, blanket contracts on new restaurants, office buildings, school facilities, medical offices and industrial buildings. I worked 7 days a week, even on weekends when my guys were off, I was on a jobsite working. Then I done engineering, payroll, estimating and invoicing nights and weekends with a CPA doing my quarterly and year-end reports. I just didn't feel that I had enough office work to justify hiring a office person. At 36 yrs old, I was having severe chest pains and collapsed in my living room, my wife called for help and they got me to the hospital. 36 yrs old getting a heart cath, then the cardiologist came into my room with my wife sitting there and said, "you are only 36, in great shape, your arteries are as clean as an athletes. But if you don't eliminate some stress in your life, I can almost promise you, you will not see your next birthday".
The hardest part of what I was doing was 35 employees, it was like having 5 good employees and babysitting 30 grown men. After a month of thinking it through, I sat all of the guys down and told them I didn't want to lay anyone off so they needed to start looking for jobs because I was not taking any more contracts and the work we had on the books would last approx. 6 months. I told my clients I was finishing jobs under contract but was not taking any new projects. Within 7-8 months I was full time architectural and electrical engineering from home office (solo) with approx. <1% of the overhead, <1% of the stress and 700+% of the income compared to electrical contracting. Plus, as I got older I realized the abuse I had put on my knees over the years working on ladders day after day. When I turned 50 I saw that I made the right decision because I would hate to think I was still climbing ladders, working on lifts, dragging tools around all day and wearing a 35 lb tool pouch.
I live on the coast, huge demand for mechanical and electrical trades. It has crossed my mind to hire 3-4 good service guys and put them in service trucks for minimal installs, mainly service work. But, I am just not willing to deal with employees.

Jan N. says:

In the end you will select the customers that fit you, instead of taking every job that comes along. Working with other self-employed people, to select the jobs you are good at, and actually enjoy doing, is very satisfying. You can create a network of people you trust and support, which in the end will be an enrichment of your life, as a professional person and in private.

Bryan Parish says:

You gotta try a Cortado. It's so freaking good!!!

Arturo Vazquez says:

$4.90 a Gallon Northern California

Brian Kerber says:

Standard fuel/petrol in Australia is around $5.67 to $7.00 per US Gallon ($1.50 to $1.85 per litre). Premium is usually 56.7c more per gallon (15c per litre)

Pride Mechanical says:

And do a YouTube channel too

Sp Market says:

Ahahaha Ontario Canada is use to everything costing an arm and a leg. $1.55 a litre right now Iv seen it close to 2$ a litre. And remember this is per litre…

Frank Gonzalez says:

Awesome video thank you for sharing. I’m in the same boat as you doing it for 40 years, Not burnt out but definitely worn out. I’m working on an exit strategy for the Company. Going to hire an office person to answer my phones and run the office. Getting another truck me in one and a tech in another. Going to sell service contracts and Tighten up my boundaries. Look me up maybe we can share some ideas. Frank, Trustco heating and air

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