I bought a CNC MACHINE!

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Bob Weiram says:

Well God damn Bob Dahm!

marsalismcdonald says:

It's dope that you're friends help the way they do. I felt like i was driving the forklift with you and it was scary af lol

Mike Benjamin says:

I hope you hire someone who knows how to use the cnc machine make 45 acp pistols and make fantastic pistols for an average Joe to buy number one you would be rich number 2 the world would be greatful.thanks new sub.

Alex Jones says:

We have a few Haas at work!! Awesome machines!!
I found your channel yesterday and I think I’m about 8 hours deep now! 😂

Nisch says:

Nice! I just had a 2012 VF2 delivered to my house a couple weeks ago for the same reason of building things for my cars, especially my Factory Five car. Pretty frustrating not having any parts available off the shelf. If you can't buy it, make it!

evokur says:

16:09 You hope got some what, scooby doo?

Sean says:

Good first attempt at driving the forklift! Next time, use some backward tilt when moving empty, and to stabilise the load when its on the forks 😉 P.S. I’ve been driving forks for years and still occasionally forget the parking brake! 🤦🏼‍♂️

Auto Body Everything says:

will smith?

Silverboy005 says:

Is better to have tighten everything from the passenger side so everytime you chech them or something happens you can service it away from the road. Next time try it like that is safer. Congrats on your purchase so badass!

Hal 1000 says:

Ima machinist. Work on a Haas everyday

The Man's Kitchen says:

so youve never rented a full size moving truck?

Heiko Panzlaff says:

Interesting … Have a Engineer degree for car design but work as a mechanical service engineer . Have a workshop in my basement with turning lathe, milling machine but only DRO , no CNC. Own Miata ND and RX7 FC Turbo with FD engine . Let`s see what happens .

Cristian Claudio says:

Wow I finally get the customer experience I understand now.

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