I Built A Laser Cutter! (For Under $700!)

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So, laser cutters are pretty cool. I’ve Wanted one for quite a while, the only thing stopping me from getting one being the cost. A few Months ago, however, I realized that building one from scratch was less difficult than I thought, So I decided to try and build one cheaply to save some money.

I spent A lot of time on this project and the video for it, so Subscribing would be greatly appreciated if you liked the video and want to support me.

Thank you all for watching!

Inkscape Link – https://inkscape.org/release/inkscape-1.2/
LaserWeb Link (What I Use Now) – https://laserweb.yurl.ch/
Marlaser – https://github.com/mentaldemise/MarLaser

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Fairstnaime Lastenaime says:

i think I'd handle the mirrors with gloved hands, but great job, that really looks incredible.

paqoon says:

any chance u sell the whole thing?

koool56 says:

Hey, great video

Few things which could be better from my pov
Music is a bit too intense / loud
Your mic volume sometimes dips, can be fixed with post processing using compressor over the entire voice track

Great otherwise, great filming, you can go far

Aaron Vandegrift says:

Keep on growing bro you this video was really good!


i want to buy form you

Little Snitch says:

dude please lower the volume of the music or raise the volume of your voice.
it's super annoying when I have to crank up my volume to hear what you say and lower it again if the music plays.

xmetrix xmetrix says:

CPAP machine for air assist. wire it up directly to your power supply and never worry about a loud compressor again 😉

Tom Budd says:

I have a CO2 laser and we have several in a different department at work. I'm told by the guys at work the best way to cool them is to keep the room the laser is in about 65 degrees or so. I have yet to implement this at home but am planning on doing so, maybe I'll stop running into issues running the thing in the summer heat. Water pump + radiator + cold room.

Nux Boxen says:

10 minutes of my life spent on watching TOTAL GAHBAGE

mapembert says:

I’m equally interested in building a CNC laser as I am how are you made the video. The voice to text where it flashed the word so fast makes me wonder if software did that are you painstakingly made that happen word by word.

Rainbow Uunicorn says:

Gz! Great stuf! Perfectly executed, good luck future youtube star 😀

JWTSN says:

When I saw the quality of the video, I thought your sub count was 1.5M not 1.5K. Well done, Great video!
Edit: Only your first video?! Definitely well done!

acy48 says:

Nice video! Can you do me a solid and use plastic tweezers or at least nitrile gloves when handling those optics? Fingerprints on mirrors and lenses physically hurt, once you've had to clean those things once or twice;)

Sgt.Scorpio says:

Clay pot better than bucket a small amount evaporation cooling may help… A clay pot that get wet while holding water. In India its the cheapest way to cool water.

MaDoG 1 says:

Excellent! We'll done! 👍

Roman Bartocci says:

can it cut through aluminum, and if so, how thick?

vxBUDDHAxv says:

Liked and Subbed before I even realized this was your first video lol. Can't wait to see more

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