I Buy a $2,000 Chinese Co2 Laser, What You Need to Get Started

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$2000 Chinese Laser Cutter Engraver Co2 60 watt 60w was it worth it?

This is the first in a series that I am putting together all about my Co2 Laser Engraver Cutter I purchased on Ebay

I’ve been asked a lot for the listing to mine e and sadly its no longer available this maybe covid related. but I have grabbed a link to a name bream Orion laser on Amazon that I would recommend it actually has more features than mine and has the most recommended controller

Similar Lasers https://www.amazon.com/shop/chadscustomcreations?listId=3AS04C0BGLQSK&ref=inf_list_own_chadscustomcreations_cp

This episode is all about purchasing, unpacking, setup, and fixing one major problem mine had.

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I use lightburn software for running my laser its very easy and powerful to use

Stuff I use in my Shop if you purchase from this link it helps to support my shop at no extra cost to you.


G says:

This guy: has kids.
Also this guy: puts polluting smoke from Chinese laser into air and environment. Even though he has kids.
Also this guy: has no respect for nature and desecrates a bugs body thinking he’s funny.


Alex S says:

Hi any body can help me with my laser ???

my laser home position has changed from 0,0,Z to 10000,10000,Z

When I start the laser goes directly to 0,0,Z which is far away

I have to stop the movement with an emergency stop, otherwise I crash against the edges ….

i need to change origin from 10000,1000,Z to 0,0,Z

please write comment if you can help me

i have tried factory reset with code


but it does not help

I have a Chinese made laser bought from Vevor….which has the same control unit as in the video


Heimwerkerbienchen says:

What's the machine size of this? I have some doors and the one with the smallest width is 87cm 🙄 I would love to buy one with 70x50cm, but I'm unsure if it fits through the door

Vlad says:

4:20 Good luck to keep the water in that range for any kind of serious use of that laser haha, without even a heatsink or a chiller 🙂

Thomas O'Reilly says:

Awesome video I’m going to get one and try make a nice 2nd income! Thanks for the video

Gianni G says:

I thought this was the one for facial rejuvination

The Boiler Shop says:

Thanks for the video I am just starting out in this space. That's a lot to spend for me to see I will grow into it. I might just start with a small one that etches card first. Thanks

Teddy says:

It’s not a laser, it’s a little lightbulb that blinks

hob976 says:

That's awesome. Does that thing really just run off of a 110 outlet in your garage? No need for 220?

John Weaver says:

I like your video and the detail however if you want a big problem in your life that Exhaust is a big no-no. I hope you realize that now and addressed it. This is literally a big Red Flag for the EPA fyi… Good luck

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