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After 10 years of being self-employed, I finally bought a service van!! I’ve been asked so many times why I choose to work out of a service truck instead of a van. Well, today I made the switch! Say hello to my new 2012 Nissan NV2500 high roof! Hope you enjoy the video!!

#workvan #hvac #nv2500


mike_HVAC says:

Since you got he HIGH ROOF that you can walk into….I'd do traditional shelving for parts on the driver's side and leave the right side open and flexible for hauling things and stacking Packout boxes for different tasks, tools, etc.


Just bite the bullet and go with packouts. The packout crates and drawers are the way to go.
I have double pull out drawers at the side door that are money ! Especially for tall guys like me.

Omer Hamdan says:

Nice. I had one for three years, then had to switch to the NV200 for the flue savings.

neilvester victor says:

I know you make the best out of it Zack you the man

Justin Case says:

I'm a service tech on the treasure coast. I drive one of these for my full time job. They are great for service and basically anything. For my side jobs I drive a 4 door ram 1500. When I get installs I pull a 12×6 trailer. Still in between as to what I'm going to commit to once I go solo here in a few weeks.

Retr0nic says:

I have a 2020 Express 2500, and I def gotta say lack of head room is it's achilles heel! Don't care much for the engine hump invading the interior either. I remember the first time I got to see what a tallboy Ford Transit was like, and yeah, I def want my next van to be a high headroom unit. I got spoiled for sure for a month having that as a rental. It reminded me much of a Mercedes Sprinter honestly. Those Nissan NV2500s are nice for exactly what you mentiuoned – they feel more truck like.

Maco Garage says:

Great, your life will be mor easy now. Go with the Milwaukee pack-out

Joseph Diaz says:


Mr. Mechanical says:

45k miles thats a good look 💯🛠🔧

Jorge Ibarra says:

full packout!!!

Dillon Ramanan says:

The Nissan vans are great and last a long time however try not to put to many steel shelves if your planning on putting a condenser I worked for a company that had the same van and it was hard to cram all the equipment in there since the trane boxes are larger. I would do maybe 1 or 2 shelve and and Packout draw set up like you said. It would make more sense to do grab and go type set up. But good move and congrats on the new ride 🤘

Mr Louisiana HVAC says:


MIKA R says:

Congrats man, current gas prices will pretty much change anyone's mind about their preferred vehicles. You should consider using some of those really long slider drawers along the bottom or also stacked out the side door kind of like how Nor Cal Dave does.

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