I got a HUGE new CNC Router! (AVID CNC 4×8 PRO 4896) // Woodworking

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Learn how to build a huge 4×8 CNC router, the 4×8 PRO 4896 from AVID CNC! I’ll go over setting up dust collection for the CNC, getting the machine assembled, setting up Mach4, squaring the table and gantry, and tramming the spindle. In my next video, I’ll show the process of setting up the vacuum workholding, as well as a t-track fixturing table, so stay tuned for that next week!

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🛠 Tools Used On The CNC Build (affiliate):

🤖 AVID CNC PRO4896 4′ x 8′ CNC Router Kit : http://bit.ly/AVIDPRO4896
🔹 Rockler Ceiling Track : https://www.rockler.com/starter-kit-for-rockler-ceiling-track-system
🔹 4″ Hooks for Ceiling Track : https://www.rockler.com/4-j-hooks-for-rockler-ceiling-track-system
🔹 Extension Rod for Ceiling Track : https://www.rockler.com/extension-rod-for-rockler-ceiling-track-system
🔹 4″ Dust Right Hose : https://www.rockler.com/rockler-4-dia-dust-right-hose-4-l-compressed-extends-to-28-l
🔩 ¼” Compression Bit : http://bit.ly/BitsBitsCrafted
🔩 2″ Spoilboard Surfacing Bit : http://bit.ly/BitsBitsCrafted
Cordless Ratchet : https://amzn.to/2GKvnhm
Socket Ball End Hex Bit Set : https://amzn.to/34GkVQ4
Loctite Stick : https://amzn.to/350WY6n
KentCNC Dust Shoe : https://www.kentcnc.net/nc/standard-split-shoe-standard-dust-shoe
⅜” Metal Dowel Pins : https://amzn.to/33LXZ2s

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T T says:

Sorry about your clamp but that had me dying 😂

Martin Dekker says:

You've done very well with the setup. Looks great but your feed and speeds are way off. Feed is too slow, spindle speed too high. You'll end up burning your bits.

Carter Cole says:

10:40 its thick (in he good way)

ian cormie says:

How much did the kit cost?

Oliver says:

What an amazingly beautiful assembly process.

Mena Nasry says:

محتاج هذا الماكينة كام تكلفتها

Sean Michael says:

nice vid. looks like a nice rig. after checking your link, they are heavily overpriced. just the 4 nema / driver kit is $3k. you can get a stepcraft q408 completely built and delivered for $15k. after i saw the $3k they want for $600 worth of steppers i quit considering it. It is a nice rig either way and i wouldnt mind putting it together if it actually saved me money.

Ronald van Leeuwen says:

how much does this machine cost???

Nick Joslin says:

How much does this entire router table cost to get up and running in this confiiguration?

karl greene says:

How fast would your machine cut cabinet pieces from a 4×8 sheet?

William Huang says:

Hanzhen harmonic drive gear , robot arm gear , over 30 years experience

Mickey Mallette says:

How does this machine handle intricate 3D carving tasks?

Mitch Moehring says:

Wow, thank you for this video!

william canepa says:

blows my mind how amazing this is

Little Johnny says:

God bless you guys who actually do the videoing of the build process. I’m the type to be more inclined to just build any project than worry about videoing/editing & posting! 😂 I’m in the process of building my second woodworking shop. We just moved to a 10 acre place on a mountain. So I’m dividing a 36’x40’ 4-car garage in half and adding an additional 10’x20’ room off the back. About 920 sq ft of shop when I’m finished. Where’s my video camera? Not! Good luck with your CNC! LOOKS FABULOUS!

Khaled al Halabi says:

Perfect.Thank you for this video ❤️

Chubbz says:

would a avid cnc be able to cut mdf cabinet doors? If so could you do a video on it!

Osiris Rex says:

This man is doing two man jobs solo without it being featured in a funny titled compilation video.

If it was me i would somehow single handedly take down my regions power grid and all the surrounding ones too.

Jinan Mingshi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd says:

Hello,sir, I'm Thea from Jinan Mingshi Machinery Equipment co., Ltd, our company produce CNC router, i think it is more suitable for you

Tim Davis says:

About 13 weeks and I will have my 5×10. Looking forward to it.

718GT4 says:

Thanks for replying on Grabcad! Now I see this vid I remembering it. But didn’t know it belongs to you! 👍🏻

Mike B says:

It’s a Beast. Looking forward to seeing your future updates

rhether says:

I need one of these as a retirement money making income toy

Isimsiz Soyisimsiz says:

As an amateur with woodworker, I typically feel overpowered with the entire arrangement. Be that as it may, this arrangements drove me through with much clarity and effortlessness woodplans.works I now work like a genius. That is great!

Richard says:

I’m about to get my Avid CNC next week. So, I rewatched your video. I have a quick question(s). I also got a Dust Right 1250 collector. I was planning on running a 6” flex hose. How is the 4” working for you? Do you think the 6” would do better? Thanks for the advise.

Rick Foley says:

Clamp deaths herein.

Brandon Roby says:

Could you send me a list of what you ordered from Avid?!?

Paul Allsopp says:

Legend. Just came across this, and I've been looking at the AVIDCNC 4×8 today!

shiva kumar says:

Excellent video preperation..

fijabo says:

How much did it cost you?

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