I Should’ve Known BETTER…| HVAC Install

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I’m back at the Murfreesboro Project to connect the refrigerant lines, drain line, low voltage, and high voltage on Trane air handler in the attic. Hope you enjoy the video, LET’S DO SOME WORK!!

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Quality HVACR says:

I didn’t convert the coil properly, I need to go back and flip the u-bend troughs. Thx Ted Cook for pointing that out to me.

David S says:

Bro,do you even plenum?

Walter M says:

that is a clean install.
what size wire are you running on the attic disconnect?

Martin Garcia says:

Fucking beautiful

MakeYourOwnAdventure says:

Propress fittings on HVAC system?????

Trinito says:

That trunk y looks backwards to me too

Camaro SS RS says:

For the drains support use some split rings

Vilhelm Stein says:

You can cap it but drill a big hole on the side of the cap through the pvc pipe. Makes for a clean look

boxing odds says:

We do way more in one day 😭😫

Tom F says:

Don’t you put the dryer where the manufacturer recommends?

D B says:

What kind of supports do you have under the AHU? Can you give me full detail?

brandon bowden says:

I wonder if those press lock fitting leak. Don’t see them hardly at all in Dallas, TX. I sure could be convinced to use them.

Cesar Arroyo says:

It's crazy how you don't braze

Todd Wolfe says:

What brand of pro-press tool is that? Didn't realize they make those for refrigeration now.

Jad Faris says:

Those rls fittings are dope. But.. very expensive. Pros and cons I guess..

WunderWaffle says:

you ever have problems with that clamp on line set fittings?

Strohmmy says:

dude the attics and crawlspaces you get to work on are so nice compared to the stuff I deal with here in Jersey lol. Love the content!

Joshua Skirvin says:

An HVAC guy that DOESN'T put the lines in front of the unit's accessible panels???? LOL

robert930tn says:

OMG a system of 90% flex what a waste

Gente Algo Diferente says:

che viejo que tenes experiencia saludos

Joseph P says:

Why press in a place like that? Seals and orings fail, good braze joints do not. Only time we press is in a place that needs hot work permits and the press is just easier in that case

The safety switch for secondary drain should be pan mount, not an inline

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