I think the Amazon Welder is better😳

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Rusty Lopez says:

Let’s see how long that piece of shit lasts

Lee Conner says:

80 $s alot straighter I'll save 💰

meinurmom says:

I don't know much about welding, what attachment is that? Don't most arc welders come with a clamp to hold the stick?

JG says:

The tank of argon will run you $300 lol

The Metal Butcher says:

It's not the welder it's the weldor.

Shawn Morris says:

This was posted by Amazon probably.

Born Kira says:

Showing Amazon Arc welding and doing Tig welding.. nice fooling trick

Grant Hasselbring says:

Can we try someone who can actually walk

Winning Family says:

Link for machine?

Ohto says:

The welder knows it's the pluge settings are plus at the machine costs cheaper then expensive machine so the expensive surely was better…

Zimonja Zimonja says:

Both maschines weld the sam.
Only difrence is when you have to crank that up to 200 250 amps for 10hrs 😁

Joe Fre says:

its comes down to duty cycle and how long the machine lasts. Your title only works on the average youtube short watcher

Marco Rodriguez says:

The main difference is just the duty cycle

Timothy Kappel says:

That machine will last a lifetime plus it's multipurpose. It's a Generator plus it's capable of welding stick tig mig etc. There's a big difference.

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