I'm Teaching Him EVERYTHING I Know!! | HVAC Apprentice

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I finally hired an apprentice! Trevor worked with me every summer while he was in high school. Now that he has graduated, he is coming on full time. Let the HVAC training begin!! Also, I have a couple updates for you with my work truck setup. Getting the hvac enclosed trailer setup for installs and the 2500hd Duramax setup for service calls. Hope you enjoy the video!!

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1. Be on time for your shifts. This is extremely important in the hvac industry.

2. Be prepared to work hard. Hvac work can be physically demanding.

3. Be willing to learn. The hvac trade is full of complex terminology and procedures.

4. Ask questions if you don't understand something. There is no such thing as a dumb question in the hvac trade.

5. Stay safe.

RichardT123456789 says:

Hello, How would you calculate a mobile home split system with an inside down flow air handler 3 ton . No return . The Mobile home is 16X80 single wide with 8 vents total. The original duct is the rectangular sheet metal, and it is degrading.The mobile home is 1999 model . The local supply shops do not have the sheet metal available & I am considering using Flex duct & I am not sure what size or may I even use flex duct in replacing the sheet metal .
Thank you

Alex says:

That truck & trailer setup is 🔥🔥

Daniel Velazquez says:

100% support this style!

Daniel Velazquez says:

great work!

Murky Turkey says:

“Vacuum pump here”
Idk why but that was really funny 😂😂

Lou says:

wouldnt you want things u get to the most more
accesible to u and keep it in the front?

C W says:

Can we get a video of both of you working lol kinda disappointed I didn't get to see him more although I love your truck setup

C W says:

Yo I cannot wait to start HVAC school and get into the Field I start June 20th lol man I am hyped

Steve waybright says:

The header was about your helper…but all i saw was your truck and trailer

GoodtimeJAY says:

I didn’t learn shit on this vid

Austin Scott says:

Did you stop working for that business that you talked about a while back?

Jose Chavez says:

U just showed your new stuff nothing about “teaching him everything I know”

Martin W2 says:

Can someone please explain to me or give me a link to a good detailed article on the rules and reasoning behind mix matching inside and outside coil. Specifically on the tonnage. Rhank you.

Paul says:

Zack Congratulations on the new guy and the trailer is going to look sweet. My only suggestion is to add an inverter so your able to charge your batteries and if you ever need 115 VAC…

Scarecrow TV says:

Hi sir. You need another apprentice? 5year exp here in Philippines.

Khama Woodley says:

Hi what type of drawers do you have beneath the plywood? And what’s the Milwaukee tool kit that replaced your veto bag? I like your setup, I’m trying to get some ideas for my suv

Ian Hinkle says:

Never had a veto backpack. I love my packout back pack. I use small clear packouts to hook to back pack.

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