Improve your woodworking skills with MAKITA 3709 Trimmer (Unboxing/Test)

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Makita 3709 1/4 inch 4.0-A Laminate Trimmer.
Features & details:-
4.0 AMP Motor for smooth trimming and light routing applications, slim design with rubberized grip for comfort.
Collet Cone:-1/4″
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Andrew Brown says:

What’s the use for the 8mm collar that’s in the box? Thought it might be to attach 8mm bits but can’t see how that’s possible. Thanks

tom beck says:

you need narration

Noviana Tambunan says:

I absolutely love this tool!!! The first one was defective and Dewalt replaced MyBest.Tools More bulky than the Bosch and Makita corded palm routers I have but worth it. Nice solid base

Emmon Syafaat says:

yg hitam bulat itu apa fungsinya

Forest man customs says:

Anoying music

Ram Malla says:

Thanks for sharing your experience tips you taught in deep detail with out sound

Fabricio Garcia Pantoja says:

Excelente equipo.. lo acabo de adquirir.. saludos

Nadai Nama says:

At 5:176:17 what does that use for?

Krunoslav Ursić says:

Can you flatten a wood slab with this router?

gustavo amador quintero says:

Que padre video con ese rauter pequeño puedo hacer las cajas para patas de una mesa gracias


Sensacional esse tipo de conteúdo

sukhdeo suryakant says:

Hard wood me kaam karega

Marbles fdy says:


thinh lyvan says:

Giá cả bao nhiêu

Jonas Franca da silva says:

Boa noite amigo , feliz ano novo! Tô querendo comprar um 3709 porém vejo vídeos de várias pessoas falando que está pifando muito rápido tipo 4 meses e pifa entra curto ! O que vc tem a dizer sobre esta tupia?

Ade H says:

The RT0700C is much better than this model

Colin Gooch says:

Can be very dangerous these it’s the only power tool that’s bit me in 40 yrs as a joiner

Charlotte Walker says:

I have just bought mine. Worst instruction manual ever. I've managed to install the trimmer bit that came with it but for the life of me can't undo it. All that happens is the bolt around the collet cone undoes but the bit remains tight as anything. No idea what the clear plastic thing you stuck on the side is for and what is the the small round flattish black thing for?!

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